Thursday, December 16, 2010

Jivin' With Josephine

...knots that is.  This pattern is called Christmas Wreath with Josephine Knots by LaRae Mikulecky.
#24 Motif Challenge

It certainly  had me mega-flummoxed the first three times I started it.  Once again, success is all about reading the instructions - in life and in tatting  Whether or not you want to follow them is an entirely different issue!.

I must remember to not only read directions, but also -  guess what - to sometimes follow them as well!

P.S. Krystle - if you are reading this - look at that twisted thread !  Remember how I couldn't do that?  Thanks for your instructions, once again!  : ) 

P.P.S.  How on earth do you get those little, tiny, weensy, JKs  closed tightly?  I fought with every one and you can see there are still gaps there at the close.  I used Cébélia, which is so soft that I was afraid to work it more, as it was already getting fuzzy.  Grrr.


  1. rings that tiny, I'm not sure that they can be closed completely... at least I don't know how to do it. If you find out, let me know!

    Love the colors and the design - it's really cute!

  2. I tat my JK's slightly looser than regular rings. I still don't usually get them completely closed, but if you make the first stitch of the following chain just a little tighter, it pulls the chains together so that you can't see the unclosed bit on the JK.

  3. I have trouble with JK too. I try to remember to not tension so tightly and to slowly close the ring. I tend to go fast and then the little sucker pops right out of my fingers but not before I've managed to pull on it enough to cause gapsosis. The thread has something to do with it too. The smoother the thread, the easier the ring closes.

  4. I am working the exact same pattern, I too can't close those little josephine rings properly. but then I was thinking, 8 half stitches is only 4 ds, if you make a ring of only 4 ds, how easy is it to close completely?

  5. I began that pattern too, after I had seen it! - isn't it absolutely gorgeous, but I am having trouble with "joining back to the space between the JK and the last DK"! - sometimes it works and sometimes not.
    An unwound paperclip - one of the plastic coated ones - or even a toothpick - that's what you need to close the tiny rings. Insert into the ring and close gently, remembering to remove it at the end. Still doesn't close ALL the way, but it does stop the twisting and just makes it all a bit easier.

  6. I love that, Fox, its soo cude, so well christmaslike!!

  7. Perchè non descrivi come realizzarlo?Io ci sto provando ma trovo qualche difficoltà con gli inserti in rosso.Ciao

  8. Lidia, You can find the pattern here:

    Fox )