Monday, December 27, 2010

Wrapping Things Up in 2010

 The result of listening to your advice and using fewer beads.  Thanks.

#5 & #6 Motif Challenge

Now that I have figured out how to tat the Celtic Knot, Ruth Perry style, I have pretty well covered my 'To Do' list for this year.

There have been a lot of tatting tricks I have learned and a very steep learning curve to climb over the past twelve months.  However, I do feel like I am finally a real tatter and it feels very rewarding.

Yesterday, this little doodle happened.

Perhaps that is  where I will focus next year - making my own designs...hmm... maybe not, as I do not like the process of writing it up.

But then, I do not have to write it up, do I?    Ah, the possibilities are all there.  What to do..... what to do...


Look what Beelizabeth tatted!  She figured out the pattern from the photo, and told me what she had done. Clever girl; she was so considerate about not wanting to step on any toes!

I asked for her permission to post her picture and here it is!  Very exciting for me to see this design, beautifully tatted by someone out there in Tat-land!

Thank you, Beelizabeth!  You made my day!


  1. beautiful beautiful! and I like the fewer beads, it made a huge difference :) good job.
    Bee's rendition of your pattern is absolutely fabulous, she did a wonderful job and it is "pretty as a picture"! I haven't gotten around to doing my little piece of your precious work yet, but it is near the top if MY to do list! Here is to hoping you get to do all the things on your NEW to do list for tatting this year and may it bring you happiness :X

  2. Such pretty tatting Fox! I like your new version of Myra's pattern - the blue beads POP nicely!

    Your doodle is SWEET - I betcha start writing down your patterns - I've never known FOX to back down from a challenge!!!

    Just IMAGINE how rewarding it would be to see different versions of your creative efforts popping up on the internet... Fox will be a household name - well, it already IS a household name in MY household!

    :) Ann

  3. I hope that with a little experience, writing up a pattern will become easier for you as I like your designing style and would love to be able to tat more of your designs. Your little doodle would make great earrings!
    And thanks for the positive comments about my version of Fox's design. It's such a boost for me to have someone want to post a picture of my efforts.

  4. Oh Fox, writing down the patterns is the easiest part! When I took the design class, that was the easiest part for me ~ even though I never fully developed and really brought my one design to fruition; it had so many flaws as a design that I became discouraged. But the concept was solid ~ just a lack of execution. LOL

    You completed the to do list? I did not. I didn't finish the rosary; and, scrapped the idea (for now) of those Christmas ornaments from 12 days. I was sidetracked by the embroidery and tatted chickens for my daughter's Christmas gift (priorities, right?).

    But I shall finish the rosary at my own pace, because I want it to be just perfect. And, I'll do the decorations out of season, as it were. I didn't even finish ONE snowflake.
    I did so many snowflakes when I first began tatting that I totally burnt out on snowflakes. LOL

    xx bev

  5. To have completed one's "To-Do" list is a satisfying and peaceful achievement! You must be feeling so eager to plunge into 2011, and of COURSE you are a real tatter!!!
    I love Beelizabeth's pink picture.
    I have trouble following diagrams - have never come to terms with a Celtic knot. Maybe a Fox knot would be something to aim for!

  6. I noticed in your draft of your excellent Abigail pattern that you seem to have both a 'short' version and a long version, apparently written in the old style. Is that a requirement of the course to write it both ways? I'm so glad that the 'short' version is now more common! (I practically have to 'rewrite' patterns from the old style to the short verson.)

    Belizabeth's rendition is lovely.

    I expect to see a book of your patterns in the next year! And I hereby confirm that you are indeed a 'real' tatter! You have come so far so fast, it's mind-boggling!

  7. Awesome tatting! And you have inspired me along with several others since I first started this new journey of tatting! :)

  8. Thanks, You Guys! Once again, I think you are most kind and wonder if I will ever be able to meet these lofty expectations!

    Kathy - you are observant. Yes, there are two versions required. Makes sense when learning, but I would rather the short as well.

    As for how much I have learned so fast - only a tatting addict with no social life to speak of would spend the time I put in on learning everything I could about tatting in the past twenty-four months! Sometimes I fear for my sanity (and priorities!)

    A book? That would indeed turn me into a veritable hermit!
    Fox : )

  9. Fox…an addendum. You have BEEN A TATTER for some time now. It is a fine example of what practice and tatting and tatting and tatting ~ coupled with caring. Good for you my friend. xxx bj

  10. Fox, hermoso como todo lo que tus manos crean. Que el Año nuevo traiga muchas horas felices de frivolite, exitos y bendiciones. Besos