Friday, December 10, 2010

My New Absolute Favourite-Of-All-Time Motif

Many thanks to trh, where I first saw this gorgeous motif. Hers is tatted in a green thread as well, with  red beads and I fell in love with it.  It fires my imagination with visions of faeries and Avalon legends.  It also reminds me of ancient tree spirits like the ones that Sally knows all about.

#20 Motif Challenge
 trh - you did guess right!  This is Mary Konior's Posy! I have tatted it,  thanks to TypsTatting , in  Mercer #40) using beads sent to me ages ago by  Crazy Mom, but they are so small  that I have been intimidated to use them! 


They were well-labelled though, so I know what they are; I am definitely going to be on the lookout for them, as they are fabulous to use and look amazing. But they really are small!


  1. I also love that motif, although I haven't tatted one in a long time! I love the little beads, and the color of thread is perfect!

    Aren't Marie's clunies amazing?

    And now, back to knitting... I'd rather be tatting!

  2. So Christmasy!!!! I might have to many things to tat, so little time.

  3. Ohhhhhh my gosh... that is stunning! You did a beauuuuutiful job on that piece!

  4. It's even better with the smaller beads! Yours is beautiful. It makes a great Christmas wreath, doesn't it?


  5. When I saw your beautiful tat, I thought of a holly bush with its red seeds glowing against the green leaves. I used to have holly at each side of my front door. Thanks for sparking a nice memory.

  6. This is sooo pretty! I want to make one, too! I don't have that small of beads, though. I might have to try with what I have and see how it looks. You did a great job on this.

  7. Fox,
    You done an amazing job with your tatting, it looks perfect!
    Tatting Marie tatting is beautiful too. But so is your's when you do clunies. You just don't realize that yet. But you will in time. I'm happy for you on both of them.

  8. Love, love, love that posy as a wreath! The red beads are wonderful - but probably too tiny for my bifocals :) (Maybe I need one of those magnifier contraptions to wear around my neck.)

  9. Love the wreath - great use of the beads!
    You can get these beads at Fire Mountain Gems, among other places

  10. It is lovely indeed!

    What is the title of the book that has the pattern, pretty please...?

  11. Fox Hermosa coronita. En mi país solo encontramos estas pequeñas cuentas que llamamos "chaquiras" las hay en todos los colores, brillantes, mates, aperladas, en fin, pero solo estas tan pequeñitas y quedan lindas en los trabajos.

  12. Thanks for all the great comments! I am so glad you all like my favourite motif!

    Monica,it's Mary Konior's Posy pattern from 'Tatting with Visual Patterns.' That is a fabbo book, because everything in it is 'tattable'.
    Fox : )

  13. That is SO pretty! Makes me think of a wreath of Holly

    MMM, seed beads - yes, they are a bit intimidating... if you drop or spill them... OOOEEE, difficult to get them all. BUT they make the tatting a bit more elegant than the larger beads.


  14. Thanks for the info, Fox! Is the Spinning Wheel there too...?

  15. Your Mary Konior Wreath is beautiful. Just the right shade of green and red :)

  16. Happy Bluebird,I tried one of those crazy magnifiers and was so frustrated with it! Lousy, in my opinion.

    I find if I can get enough good light, the bifocals are just fine.

    Its the good amount of light that makes it much easier to see - not the magnification, if you have the correct prescription, that is.
    Four-Eyed-Fox : )

  17. I agree with Fox, I use an Ott light, wear bifocals (that really need to be replaced) and can see every stitch and beading just fine
    Yes, that is a lovely Posy Fox. Very pretty with those tiny beads. I like the very small beads because they blend in and do not 'invade' the piece. Sometimes, the bead is such an artistic element of the design, that it has to be larger; but, on something of this sort ~ tiny is good.

  18. This is gorgeous, it doesn't remind me of the tree spirits rather my current blog post - holly. Love the colour of the thread and adding those beads just make it.

  19. wow ! I love the motif ...
    very pretty and very well done !

  20. would luv to make the motif how can i get the pattern?

    1. grayhairlady,
      The pattern is in one of the Mary Konior books: Posy pattern from 'Tatting with Visual Patterns.' - copyright is attached.