Friday, July 29, 2016

Banishing Blue

I just can't do it. Though my friend admired the ecru, red and blue with various beads, I never did enjoy those colours one bit! The shop I where I get the thread has very limited colour choices.

After pondering the palette options for a few days, I decided on three threads I had never considered and I am very happy about the way the first few rows look:

It had not occurred to me that the two ecru shades would work, as they are so close in intensity, but this works!  Not sure what your screens register, however.

At first the lilac beads seems an odd choice and the woman in the shop raised her eyebrow, and not in a good way, when I voiced my intention. I think they look perfect!

In the past,  I think I complained about the soft quality of the Finca Perle, ( likening it to toilet paper, if my memory serves me correctly!) but this time around I am truly enjoying it! So far,so good!

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Rockin' Renata

Well, the piece for Mini Boss is finished. Done and dusted:

Pretty after all!

From teeny #80 thread to this:

I am finally getting around to tatting the newest big one of Renata's. In #8 Perle. Nice change. This time around I am enjoying the softness of the thread. So far. :)

The above are the first two rows. (Oh, it is going to be BIG!) The beads are a light lilac shade and I like them with the ecru and red. 

The blue I bought does not now please me, though my friend liked it; however, I really do not. So, tomorrow, I am going to exchange it for a darker ecru.

Today I went into the shop to exchange the red for dark blue, but didn't like that at all and came home with no exchange. Then tonight I came up for the idea of darker ecru. I must be REALLY bored!

Friday, July 22, 2016

Final Row and a Plan

Miss Meave's mat has one row to go:

It looks better than I thought it would, as the thread doesn't pool as badly as I had anticipated.

Now, the unexpected!

I have purchased some thread locally to tat Renulek's latest - in #8 Finca Perle!

This is the same thread I used for this First  Prize Fair Winner a few years ago. I'm not keen on the colours ands I will add beads as I did on the first one.

Colours are very limited in the thread shop, however, there is a reason for this daft venture.

A good friend came for dinner last week and I had used the piece to cover my balcony table where we had dinner. 

She was truly taken with it; colour, thread, beads, and design. Many lovely words were expressed as she fondled the piece and she actually said, "I LOVE this!"

It was so gratifying to see someone so enthralled with my work that I decided I would surprise her; I am going to tat one much the same as mine for her, with Renulek's new pattern.

You see, just because I downsized my tatting library, I have absolutely no interest in abandoning my shuttles!

Sunday, July 17, 2016

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Another Circle

This one is for MiniBoss, Maeve. Colours are a bit disappointing to me but they are her faves.

Regarding the rectangle: it looked very distorted in the last post, do I feel compelled to repost it!

The lovely card behind is from a fellow tatter: Thanks, Brenda! 😊

Monday, July 11, 2016

Quan Yin

Sure enough, I ran out of thread! I am not sure how that happened as I cut off part of a row, but not that much.  Seems there should have been way more.

The size is right for what I wanted so, the last row isn't all that necessary.

This is to go under my Mom's soapstone statue of Quan Yin, Goddess of Compassion and Mercy, which is now entrusted to my care.

I have always had a bit of tatting under this statue, since I inherited it four years ago. I liked the blue colour and a rectangle  shape for a change.

Now, on to another 4" cotton doily, for MiniBoss Maeve in #80 Girly Girl Pink! 

Sunday, July 10, 2016

Oh No!

I might have to use another thread after all for the last row.

Scissors were necessary as I had to completely retat this row. BIG mistakes were made. My focus was on Zentangle and my tatting suffered greatly.

It is necessary to flow down when distracted - you'd think I had learned this important fundamental tatting rule by now!

However, I love everything about this little mat.


And now,
may I brag a bit, please?

Monday, July 4, 2016

Friday, July 1, 2016

I Got Mail!

Well, here it is ready for the penultimate row. But, I will have to use Lea's thread that was not from the same dye lot. If you recall, I had a long wait for the mail and the thread could not be identical to the first shipment. 

The lesson here is to buy more than you require - always! I'm too cheap and then pay more in the end - financially as well as emotionally. There's a good lesson there, new tatters! Take heed.

Though the threads are not a perfect match, I think it will be pretty with the two shades.

April was the postal date! 
From umintsuru in the post yesterday:

Thank you Wendy!

I will not add more rows to the Renukek and may indeed try it again using these threads individually in order to achieve a smaller result.

Can you believe how long that took!