Friday, August 31, 2012

Hail to the Hurried Hankie

Not a horror!  This is actually a very sweet hankie, one of the nicest and most useable that I have tatted. Nicest of all, it is quite small!

Following umintsuru's method, I washed it in gently soapy water and blocked it to dry. Surprisingly, it turns out to be nice cotton - not bad for the dollar store!

The edging is simple - Bessie Attenborough's design, enabled by Diane's suggestion to find her book.  Thanks, Diane -  worth the book for sure.

Tatted in #40 Lizbeth, the task went by very quickly, completed in two evenings, and I didn't have to sew the thing on, thanks to the 'attach as you tat' method. Makes sense to me, though I could not do that with an Iris Niebach pattern or one that is as intricate as hers are; it would be much too exacting.

That having been completed, I have embarked on a new pattern not tatted before that shows promise; next time there will be beads!  I am emptying the shuttles and this is what I have for now:

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

New Design by Jon - Toshti!

                                      TOSHTI                              #62
   Design by Jon Yusoff  
Doodad added, tatted by Fox

Jon has graciously allowed me to give this terrific new design a name - one that would have meant a lot to my mum, so here it is: Toshti.

I was asked if I would like to test-tat this and add a ... DOODAD!  Would I? 

Of course, I was delighted to accept the challenge, especialy as I now have a  wealth of new doodads to choose from.  

Yesterday's mail brought these beauties from
The Diva of Doodads!

Toshti is a lovely pattern - straightforward, not difficult in technique, but requiring attention.  I made many mistakes and had to un-tat a lot, because I could not keep my attention on it yesterday.  But, as you can see, it still looks mighty fine!  Thank you, Jon!

Once again she has created an interesting shape, and this time one that even lends itself to Tat-land's newest  desire of the day: doodad dalliance.


Stepping away from findings, I want to show you what I am up to now.  

It is something simple, as I cannot handle tough tatting right now.

I have this book, because I once saw that Diane had tatted a hankie border, a very simple one, that she had found in it.  

Yesterday I gave up on the borders I have been trying out for the hankie, because I could not manage the tedium of the #80 - too small for now, when I need a more mindless pattern.

When I then tried a #40 thread and a larger pattern by Angelin Crichlow, I realized the border would be too large and cumbersome for the hankie.

Though border was too big, I really liked the navy thread, so I found the easiest pattern I have ever tatted.

The pattern is ridiculously simple, but I have never completed an entire hankie by tatting as I go, so this is quite a challenging task, as it takes a bit of practice to get it neatly secured to the material.

I am going to stick with this one, as I have to finish it in a couple of days in order to give it to the recipient, and for dollar-store quality of material - well -  it will be just fine.

Lastly, I buckled.  

Yup.  I ordered some Valdani#12.

I just could not help myself - the colours are so delicious and I am so inspired by Rachel's fabulous blog that I visit every single day to see what she is up to!

It is all her fault that I am now in possession of these new threads that I always say I find too fuzzy! 

Thanks, Rachel! : ))

Monday, August 27, 2012

Message To My Mates

From Gian,
Proud Owner of Fox, the Human
Proud Owner of Tatting Fool, the Human
and to 
Proud Owner of Umintsuru, The Human
and to 
Cisco and Vader
Proud Co-Owners of Crazy Mom, the Human
and to 
Aunt Tatting Margaret.  
For a Human, she is okay.

Get' em where it hurts, - be fast and sneaky.
Look at me  - a photobomb!
What does she expect -
  playing with dumb  thread and not ME!

Gotta go - POS!

So, you see 
 what I have to deal with!  
Living  and tatting with Monsieur Gian 
is a challenge - and a joy.

After removing the border from harm's way,
I can show you my progress:

I was inspired by umintsuru's new project here, and could not keep from copying her. This is Mary Konior's Hoop-la Edging. This is going to one long, slow tat, I fear, as the thread is smaller than I recall!

When you get away from tatting with #80, you quickly forget how teeny it is and I have been using #40 for everything.

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Wrestling The Wristlet

Pattern by Karey Solomon     Lizbeth #40     #61/100

Actually, this was surprisingly simple to tat - it just took some hours to finish.  Lots of beads.  I like the beads.  Especially the red ones with the brown thread.

I always have been very fond of these colours, ever since I tatted this carbone ring pattern in 2010, a design by Jon.

I have an idea as to how to add the lobster claw closure to this...I am working on it now...

I think I have gone to the dark side... : (

Then again, I have to ask myself why not?  
I enjoy the tatting and do not ever wear what I make, 
so why not let it languish in an online shop
 rather than in my dark cupboard?

Is that just rationalizing, 
I wonder!

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Pretties Go Postal

Well - another way of putting it would be that this is what I shall take with me next visit to the post office to give to the kind soul who returned my bookmark.

Sue Hanson's Snowflake pattern      #60/100

While waiting for the next inspiration to land:

This is a pattern designed by Angeline Crichlow
Umintsuru used it to tat the border of the hanky 
that she presented to me here.
Sweet, isn't it?

Monday, August 20, 2012

Now A "Blockhead?"

Julie Patterson's Bookmark Pattern

It is all umintsuru's fault.

I saw she was tatting a wonderful edging with block tatting and thought I would have a go at it again, as I like to do block tatting and then I thought about how she blocks all her motifs and well, I went out and bought these to pin to the free styrofoam blocks I got yesterday...

I think it does change the look of the tatting but I am not sure if it is a good thing or not.  Strangely enough, I truly enjoyed the pinning process!  It is very relaxing and gratifying.  So much better than ironing, so I will have to practice in order to get the hang of it.

Then there was yet another 
Mary Konior Masquerade...

The technique improves somewhat...


Hmmm.... Not sure if the blocking changes much but the picots look alarmingly like umintsuru's picots...  Still, I do like the process.


Took a break; wanted to understand how Elizabeth got a bead to sit in the ring below the three that replace a picot.  Figured it out.  

The three (two here because I can't count!) for the picot space are pre-strung and go inside the ring thread before you begin that tatting of the ring.  

The one at the base stays outside the ring, but is pre-strung with the other three.  Easy peasy.  Only took me about AN HOUR of fiddling around (and BAD LOUD words.)

I mastered Jane's Blipless Join as well! Finally!  
I have been trying to figure that out forever it seems. 


Here is where I get to be even more of a blockhead...
Umintsuru has been tatting blocks and I just
 had to follow her lead - as usual!

Sue Hanson's Snowflake pattern      #59/100



A Tatting Tale

A Postal Plot

A Stamp of Sympathy

A Bookmark Bonanza

I went to the post office. Again.  I always seem to go to the post office.  Canada Post reaps the benefit of my snail mail communications to Tat-land worldwide... I did not think Canada Post cared much... I really did not think about Canada Post a whole lot.

Well, today, Canada Post shocked me! As I approached the counter the postal lady looked at me, smiled and said, "I have something for you."

She reached behind and opened a drawer and brought something out - something purple - with a tail... oh my goodness, could it be???

It was!  I could hardly believe what I saw:

My  treasured gift from Rachel at InTatters, 
tatted in #80 thread 

I had lost this bookmark and had searched high and low in my apartment. As I run a pretty mean, clean machine in my little studio space, I could not figure out where the bookmark could possibly be.  It was a mystery for weeks, and I was so sad as I really love this piece of tatting.

Well, the mystery was solved this afternoon by the postal clerk, who knowing about tatting from our conversations, and I think I might have given her a piece of tatting at one time, because of a conversation we had about the mailings that I had done, recognized the little piece that must have dropped to the floor when I was busy with a package at the counter. 

She thought it must be mine and tucked it away till she saw me today.  I was so pleased and so surprised.  It was fun!

That postal employee will be getting a special piece of tatting very soon!

Saturday, August 18, 2012


Where do I get the chutzpah?   : 0

I finished this up this morning, fiddling around with the brass-coloured chain and rings.  The clasp is one of those lobster claws and the convex shape of the pendant hangs very well!

It is over at my ...ahem..... shop!

(so exciting...)

A HUGE 'thank you' to you brave and generous souls 
who have given my patterns wings in Tat-land! 

I am thrilled that you have shown faith in my design capabilities 
and now have my patterns on your 'to do' lists.

Friday, August 17, 2012

Visit From The Tatting Muse!

Another late night, 
a vintage button (about 1/2 inch)   
leftover Calliope Special thread from Jess, and
some beautiful green beads and voilĂ !



The front is convex, as this is to be a pendant,
 and there is the back of the button to consider - see next photo.

 Backside and covered button:

Double Josephine Knots!
Aligator Joins!


There was a trip to the Bead Store for the chain, the rings and the clasp:

What say you?

p.s.  I was so impressed bit umintsuru''s hankie yesterday, that this morning I went looking for something for blocking my tatting.  

After having been led astray by a conversation I read on InTatters about polystyrene blocking boards and where to get them in Toronto, I came away from one of the establishments not with their wares, which were totally wrong for blocking, but with free insulation and styrofoam given to me by the sympathetic shopkeeper!  There are such good people out there in the world! (as long as you do not say the word: copyright!)
Later: These are small pieces - about 4x6 inches... or so.  I will need a larger one for hankies.  I have washed these and covered them with a very clean J-cloth, cut and taped to the back.  Looks like I might be ready to ditch the dread iron!

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Marvellous Mary's Magnificent Masquarade

                      Mary Konior's 'Masquerade"         #57

How did the woman design such elegant shapes? This design is now my favourite of all time. (at least for this week) It is perfectly balanced and has just the right amount of open space.  I love it.

I especially like Jess's Calliope Special HDT - only Jess and I have this particular colour-way, which is a washed-out version of Calliope, which I named, and so received this lovely sample of thread, along with the original Calliope HDT that Jess sells.

These particular colours are reminiscent of my favourite Karey Solomon threads that are unique and so identifiable. Jess's HDT's are now right up there with my other faves now!

The green thread - is the perfect complimentary colour in Lizbeth #40.

*Now I have to say a few things.*  

I want to thank all those wonderful Tat-land souls that have sent me touching notes, cards, warm greetings and gifts to cheer me up and acknowledge the loss of my mum.  You are all so dear to have taken the time and effort to do so and I appreciate each and every one of you for your thoughtfulness.

I am absolutely not comfortable posting 
about these greetings and gifts online, as it seems way too personal to do so.  
I will thank you all for your kindness in my own way.


All that said, I must to post what arrived in the mail today, 
as it is some tatting that I feel must be seen.  

This was sent from umintsuru - a perfectly tatted border in fine grey thread, attached with perfection to a hankie that has been ironed with infinite care. This is a wonder to me!  My hankie-work never looks like this! Thank you, Wendy.  It is something very special indeed.  And yes,  it did brighten my day!

If that was not enough to make a woman smile, there was this version of Heart For Misha. 
This is a different take on the pattern and I love what Wendy has done with it.
Thank you for showing it to me, 'in the flesh!'

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Evelyn Earrings

I am on such a roll.  I think I should not question and just go with it, as we all know these flurries do not last; I shall wake up one morning and the muse shall have fled!  So, this is what happened at 1a.m. today...

Pretty?  I don't even wear earrings, except for simple rings or pearl studs... and I do like these.  They seem to hang well and I have used sterling silver jump rings and hooks as I think I shall ...ahem... list them in my  *blush*  Etsy shop!

The Evelyn pattern is also available if anyone is interested here.  
Hope you like it!

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Mine, Martha's and Mangled Mary's

I rather like reds these days.

I do like this pattern if I say so myself!  
For me, it is just fun to tat.
I think I like the doodads.  : ))

Then there was this...

HDT from Charlette  
Lizbeth #40 - beautiful colours!   #57

So smug was I; there were NO mistakes in Mary Konior's delightful 'Masquerade.' None, that is until I saw it!  Yup, there it is: the classic 'forgot to add the join to the last picot' trick.  Forgot  an entire chain as well...

So, I have put the offending bit on the bottom and the motif almost, almost looks as if it is supposed to have a smaller arm (and missing picots as well!).

But, in spite of the mangling, it is a marvellous design. This is a very enjoyable pattern to tat and lends itself very well to varieagated threads and beads - next time, BEADS!


Moving along... I have to send my apologies to Martha for her patience. She was trying to help me in a sensitive and most diplomatic manner,  and all the thanks she got was a flurry of panicky emails from yours truly, as I attempted to fix my pattern page and got myself in a right pickle!  Sorry Martha!

Her suggestion was well-founded, however; I think I have the Athalia pattern fixed, here.

She was also kind enough to send me a photo of her depiction of Athalia, using buttons! Take a look:

Athalia designed by Fox tatted by Martha

Isn't this great?  Thanks, Martha. 
Takes the pattern out of the land of frills and gives it some punch!



In over two years, so far, Angeline has visited 18 tatters in her global Tat-land journey. This is less than half of the folks on the list waiting to read the 'Let's Tat,', because there are still 20 more locations to which she must travel!

If everyone co-operates and keeps the book for about three weeks each, the trip will be completed, not counting travelling postal days, in approximately 14 more months - unless my math skills have also evaporated along with everything else these days!  Correct me if I am wrong here, please!

Everyone seems to be enjoying the read, from the feedback I have had, so the wait is worth it!

Sunday, August 12, 2012

On A Roll...

#55/100    Tatted in Lizbeth #40 and Jess's HDT

Last year, after I designed Maeve, I fooled around with the basic shape of that pattern and came up with the green and coral version of Evelyn below.

Yesterday, I tatted it with Jess's super hand-dyed thread and Lizbeth in #40, after finding the identical doodad in my favourite bead store!  

Although the thingy is convex, and a bit of a pain to work with, I love the kind of heraldic look it gives to the motif.

So, I am very curious.  What do you think?

Friday, August 10, 2012

Athalia - The Pattern

I have finished Athalia.

This doodad was the only one I had that I liked the size of and it had only 3 sections, but surprisingly it worked anyway.  I would suggest one that is more symmetrical or round.

#54        Jess's lovely HDT

Big improvement thanks to Tat-land.  Thank you!  I am pleased.  
You can find the pattern at the top of the blog under Free Patterns.

I have not had this proofread this by anyone but me yet - and you all know about the big D problem - so I would appreciate anyone to have a gander and report any mishaps!
Fox  : )

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Athalia Completed

This is the original Athalia design:

I am pretty sure the thread is Yarnplayer's 'Peace."

This is the one I completed tonight:


Originally, I designed this after the Misha heart last year, using the idea of rings in a semi-circle around four corners.

The pink sparkle-thread is from Suneeti, (S, it goes a LONG way!) given to me last summer.  A special someone helped me wind it onto cardboard!

I do not have the little round doodad, so I used the same one I used on the Misha heart, as I have a few of those.  This changed the outer shape somewhat, so I have to re-tat it and change the count...

Tomorrow I shall write up a final draft of the pattern.