Saturday, December 18, 2010

Tatting Detectives

The Return Of:
 Thank You, Dale Marie!
Looks like the book will be wending its merry way 
to sewmuchfun today! 

Seems that Dale Marie has had a bad time of it lately; she has sent mega-apologies to us, feeling terrible that we were waiting for her to send the book on.  I have sent her warm wishes.  I do hope things improve for her in the New Year.

Today she will post the book.  Let us know, sewmuchfun, when it arrives.

Heather...Heather... Heather...  All because of you, has this happy event occurred!  You were the one that cracked the case of the missing book recipient; receiving DM's facebook address was what did the trick.  I did not know who to look for on-line. That pivotal clue came originally from Isdihara, via Tatskool, by way of the sleuthing Sherlock, Suneeti.  Jane provided the name that matched the other clue. 

This problem-solving was definitely a great example of  the whole being greater than its parts.  Tatting teaches much more than stitches.

So, the tatting world is large and powerful, my friends, as these tatter detectives hail from all over the globe.  We are talking about Canada, England,  Ireland, Singapore and the United States.  All just trying to track down one errant piece of tatting literature! Thanks, Everyone!

#24 Motif Challenge

Tatted this up yesterday, as Suneeti sent me the pattern (hers, I believe) and said that it would be a good one for teaching.  I love the snowflake ( Note, Miranda:  SIX points!) and it indeed looks simple, but as I started tatting it...hmmm:  non-twist join at the end, SLTs, longish chains, double picots in the centre little rings, all that joining.  Would have done me in as a newbie!

Good for a beginner, but as a teaching device, I think it would gobble my hour right up!  Thanks, Suneeti, for the lovely motif.  I will give the student a copy of this and the motif.  It is tatted in the Altin Başak you sent me!

My design update: still limping along:


  1. Is it a snowflake or a motif? Whatever it is, you've done it justice. It looks beautiful! S

  2. Hurray! So glad you connected with Dale Marie.

    Great job, super-sleuths! A believe an honest dose of Tatter's concern prompted the search. Don't want to lose touch with such a delightful lady!

  3. I'm sure even if there hadn't been a book involved the natives of tat land would've been wondering what had happened to Dale. I do hope that her problems are all soon resolved and that she'll be back as one of our tatting buddies very, very soon. Pass on my regards to her and tell her that 'tatting rules, OK', please. Love the new motif. Coming on really well.

  4. Phew so pleased you have traced the book. Really like the colours in your design and good for you for persevering with it.

  5. Glad that the errant book has showed up and you tatted design is looking great!

  6. I'm so glad to know that Dale Marie is OK.

  7. Oh WOW! That's exciting news - I'm sorry to hear that things have been hard for Dale Marie though - hope things improve soon.

    I need to put myself in "company's coming" mode, so I will have time to read and read and read and tat, tat, tat! I have ACTUALLY picked up a shuttle this last week - VERY glad to find I haven't forgotten how to use it!

    Your design is SO pretty and I LOVE the dramatic colors you have chosen to tat it with!

    :) Ann

  8. Great snowflake and the color is awesome! :)