Saturday, February 27, 2010

Relaxing with Rosettes

 This is the fun part.  The rosettes are an easy and relaxing break, and I am counting them as #1 of the new 25 Motif Challenge.  I have to do ten of them, but I am counting them all as one.

It will be lovely next week to be finished with the T.A.T. programme.  Anyone who reads this blog will not have to be subjected to the incessant moaning and complaining anymore! Whew!

I am excited about choosing new projects that I want to tat for no particular reason other than that they simply they appeal to me.  There are a lot of books beckoning on the shelf, and I am so looking forward to going through them, with no ongoing projects lurking in the back of my mind!

I have one half of the last project to complete.  My goal is to have the package mailed out by Friday afternoon.  There.  I've said it!  LOL!

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Border Bound


Home in bed with tea and Advil for the cold and fresh thread for the border!  Finally arrived at the last bit, both on this border and in the T.A.T programme!

I cannot figure out what is wrong with the bonnet - except that the number is wrong in the pattern. Maybe there is nothing wrong.  I have gone over the whole thing, row by row, a LOT of times, and my tatting appears to be  right, but without a tat-editor, I might be missing something that I just keep not seeing.  I am hoping it will all work out or I can fake it and finish the border soon.

T.A.T:  finished the second last project today and will begin the last one sometime over the weekend!  I am so excited that I have almost finished!
This one's for Vinnie!

She has a new car and has created a fancy-dancy tatted ornament to hang from the mirror.

I have had a pasted a discarded tatted remnant on the plastic of the rear-view mirror that only I could possibly notice.  The piece was dark and the plastic black, and although I liked having it in the car, 
I was so amused by Vinnie's sparkly adornment of her car, that I  told her I was inspired and would hang anewer discard, one that was more  more noticeable  in my fifteen-year-old rust-baby.

So, I did.

Monday, February 22, 2010

Flame Lantana Escapes the Crash and Burn

This is what was left.

Knowing I would run out just as I had finished the centre, I had to find something I thought would work:

From: Tha Tatted Artistry of Teiko Fujito, Page 30 #32.

Whew!  I wanted to finish in order to post right away so Tatskool could see her wondrous colourway quickly, but the downside of that manoeuver is that there are a gazillion MISTAKES all over the place!  This pattern looks so easy.  HA!  Try it.  You will see what I mean.  It really made me think - hard!

Next time I would take a little more time and care, because this is a really lovely pattern and with some slowing down, very doable.  I would not use my best thread for the practice run either!

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Bonnicide.... Is it Legal?

That, my friends, is what is going to happen to the Mini-Boss's bonnet if things do not get better soon!
So Far...

Incredibly boring and I think there is a mistake in the pattern.  The photo is very difficult to see. I am stymied, and I can't seem to give it up!  Ah, the unappeasable lure of the challenge. 

I do not want to disturb Krystle, who has tatted this and who currently is in the middle of a house moving adventure, but if you are reading this, Krystle ... HELP!

I think the 'beading row",  which says you need to end up with 40 rings is a mistake.  I have counted and counted the completed work  comparing it to the pattern, looking for errors and I cannot find any, but I do NOT get 40 rings!

Good News! 
**only TWO more TAT exercises left!**

I have plans for new socks for The Boss, using the thread the IsDihara   so generously 
shared with me ages ago.


I have challenging plans for that gorgeous sample of Tatskool's new thread, 'FLAME LANTANA'.

I'd better get tatting.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Do I Really Want to Finish It?

This is incredibly boring to tat and I think it is going to look like a jam jar cover on the baby!  How's that for an excuse not to finish?  I WILL probably, however, as I am just obsessive enough not to cave to the "quitting gene".

This is not a fun, play-tat break from the TAT exercise either, which is rivalling the last one in terms of driving me straight up the wall!

I do so want to try this little sample of fabbo thread from Tatskool:

Sweet, isn't it?
It is called "Flame Lantana" and is part of her new Rainbow Bright Transition series.  Yum.

And look at these Sweet Shop beauties!

Oh, my lucky shuttles!
Now, back to TAT.....


Wednesday, February 17, 2010

First Motif Challenge #25 Finished!

Sherry's Musical Note 
Martha Ess's Tiny Forsythia Heart  
from 'Tat's Amoré'

This is the second note I have tatted, as I did not do the first one right - got befuddled by the 'folded picot'!  I think this one is better.

Now, if only I could wrap up those last few exercises....


Monday, February 15, 2010

Design by Default

Motif Challenge # 24

With apologies and thanks to Sharon,   who posted the 'Simple Heart' on Wednesday. I have managed to complete my own ...hmmmm.... version of the heart.  

It started auspiciously enough, with a good pace and a happy heart myself, but I got to daydreaming (probably just too cocky) and relaxed into completely missing the deviation point of the pattern.  So, a new plan was needed because I was too lazy to rewind and to start over.

I have not done much winging it, as I am still trying to learn the ground rules before I break them, but this was a good opportunity to test myself. Oddly it was Sharon's piece that it happened to -  she being the advocate of design making!

I showed both upside down versions - not sure which is better, or if they both kind of work.
Enough procrastination! Back to the course.....


Sunday, February 14, 2010

The Gift - A Success!!

 This is being sent to a friend who will be having surgery.  Never done a cross before and Mary Konior's was a joy to tat! This pattern was very satisfying and I love the colour of the Lizbeth #20.

Motif  Challenge #23

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Redefine The Possible

Yesterday, I noticed that The Lamp was looking pretty posh - a bit more sophisticated than when it made its first appearance!  It looks like I have done some tatting.

Then,  I started to think about all those of you out in Tat-land with small kids, husbands, homes and gardens to look after, dinners to cook, jobs to go to, deadlines to meet; the list goes on and on.

I remember when my kids were young, and I was so busy that I would literally fall into bed at night, reading   a page or two of a book I had been looking forward to before falling fast asleep,  if  I were very  lucky.

I would neither have had the energy, nor I suppose, in those days, the inclination to sit still and tat. I don't know how some of you do it, and do it so darned well!  You are amazing.

 Then another realization: I realized what I had used for one of the TAT exercises.  I have a lovely set of Georgia's gauges, but there is only one size of each in the set and I wanted two the same, so I made a pair - in the middle of the night, as usual.  Yes, I  tat at odd hours!

Not having gauges when I needed them, I was forced to be creative.  For a minimalist, it is hard to find odds and ends around as I don't collect :stuff".  However, I did remember that I had an extra alumni card that I would probably not need so out it came and - snip!  Voila!

I love the message.
(I found it much later  -  a  bit of serendipity!)
 I hope you all enjoy your Valentine's Day!


Thursday, February 11, 2010

satisfying: providing abundant nourishment

 That is precisely what this pattern has done for me!  Thank you,  Iris!

Motif Challenge #21!
I am so pleased at how this turned out.  Not the colour combo, but the shape and consistency of the stitching.  The TAT course and the incident with my palm seem to have had a positive effect, for I notice the quality of my work has improved since before I began this self-induced pressure to learn .  I have been tatting for sixteen months. Just recently it seems that everything learned is falling neatly into place. No longer do I  feel like a beginner. What a trip!

Usually, in the past, enthralled by some tantalizing idea, I have have rushed headlong into whatever learning opportunity was before me. Then, at the end of that initial learning curve, I would lose the drive. Poof! Full stop. Maybe a bit ADD, I don't know, but this pattern has definitely been part of my life.  

Some things were hard to conquer, others not so much, but  no matter the level of difficulty, I inevitably ran out of interest at the end, and went on to the next mountain! Needless to say, I have done a lot of climbing!

So far this has not happened with tatting.  I am pleased and grateful, as I love having my creativity constantly challenged with so many new new thoughts and ideas.  I love how my fingers itch to have a shuttle to wrap around.  Colour, shape and texture all combine in a satisfying convergence. There is so much beyond the basics to keep my undisciplined mind from straying. This is the thread aficionado's Mount Everest!

There are a number of  flower motifs with a pink centre around the white piece. I thought I would alternate the pink and white with a variegated yarn or another colour to break up the monotony and to have a livelier and more updated look.

That is the reason I tatted the motif in the pic; I wanted to try the pink thread against the variegated one.  Not a great idea - colours are yucky together. Ideas from Tat-land?

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

It's Done!

 Why is it that when it is right - even if it is not perfect or the way you would like it to be, not mastered nor honed, nor in any way remarkable, you KNOW that the thing is done, that it is the best you can do, for now?  What is that place called? What is it that satisfies and informs you that it will not get any better soon, and that you should be pleased with the progress of the moment? That is the place, whatever its name, to which I have finally arrived.  I have finished the 9th TAT exercise.

You will have to take my word for it, but I think it is okay.  Whew.  All that high drama.  I needed to stab myself into completion of what is actually not a very difficult piece.  It is surprisingly simple, I think, but not for dyslexic moi.

It was such a relief to have it done and my hand is a lot better. though still feeling a bit bruised.  It lookes just fine, however. Thank you all for your commiserations and best wishes!

After the difficulties, this piece, which is one of Iris Niebach's freebies from her website that I saw on Liyarra's blog, was surprisingly simple! Usually I have a great deal of difficulty with her patterns.  So far so good!  I wanted to check out the variegated thread with the pink for the mystery Bonnie....  I do not think they work at all, but I  like this pattern very much!

Lastly, WHAT FUN!  Got home from work today to find all these goodies in my mailbox!  Needless to say,  I had to test out that shuttle ASAP - I love it!  It seems a bit bulky compared to the Clovers, but the heft of it  feels amazingly wonderful!

That little purple bit - yum colour - is the beginning of a Mary Konior cross for a friend that is about to have major surgery.  I think it will be nice with a few of the teal beads, strategically placed; not too many of them.

The HDT's are 'oops' √† la the good Doctor, and  Yarnplayer's new Stardate.

Oh, lucky me!

Monday, February 8, 2010

Disturbing Tatting Events

of the 
Deadly Hook!

The First Thing
Late last night I was stunned to see that I had impaled my palm,  IMPALED IT!  There was the hook, buried in my flesh - a 14 point crochet hook... Remembering someone else had posted about this, I realized I could not just pull it out (though I did give it a tug!) and knew I could not be cutting it out - it was too deep in there.

So, with thoughts of how I would get to the emergency room at the nearest hospital at one in the morning, I began to panic,  and absently started to shake my hand, upside down, with the hook hanging.  It begin to slip down, so I started twisting it, and... TA-DA... it was out!

By now, I was shaking, and ran for the alcohol, antiseptic salve and a bandage.  After it was summarily doctored, my hand was throbbing, but seemed all right.  Today it is better - I think.  I have NOT LOOKED at it under the bandage!  

What trauma! No one ever  tells you about the dangerous pitfalls of the gentle art! Must be a dirty little secret!


The Second Thing
  Did anyone else get this?
The email was sent - it would have you believe - from
Connie Mayes of "happytatter" @ gmail.
How are you doing? I hope all is well with you. I know this might be a surprise to you but I'm writing this email to you in an hurry and in a confused state of mind. I want to say I'm really sorry that I didn't inform you about my traveling to Scotland for a Seminar. It was something urgent and i didn't even inform anyone about this traveling. But I just got myself in serious mess here. I got my wallet misplaced on my way to the hotel and all my money, phone, bank cards, diary, my return ticket and other vital documents are all in the wallet. I'm so confused right now as I have lost all contacts.

 I need to get out of this mess. Please I need $1,500 USD to sort myself out and to pay for the hotel bills but I will appreciate any amount you could afford. I will pay you back as soon as I get back home. Let me know if you will be able to help me with any amount and you can help me send the money with my details below at any western union money transfer office and i will get the money over here within an hour.

Name: Connie Mayes
Address:  14 Porteous pend, Edinburgh, EH1 2HP Scotland
Country: United Kingdom

Kindly help me to make the transfer as soon as you receive this email and you should get back to me with the 10 Digit Money Transfer Control Number, exact Amount sent with details used in sending it. I still have my passport to prove my identity at Western union here when receiving the money, and I will email you with the return flight details immediately I receive the money.
Your reply will be appreciated.
Thanks so much

Do not respond to this email!


Sunday, February 7, 2010

Weary Fox!

Why, oh why do I have to try?  Why can't I just DO!  This is getting to be a 'bloody bore', as my mom would say. - all the belly-aching and snivelling....  Good news is, I have finished the exercise - yes, finished it, but I'm afraid it is not worthy of being sent in. Grief!

I will visit a craft store today to get another ball of the thread that I am to use for this project;  I have used up almost a full one with all the 'trying'.  This new thread will be of a different colour and will only be used for 'doing'!  I am earnestly hoping the different colour will be in inspiration, as I am SICK of the old one!  I know you all know EXACTLY what I mean!  : ))

The only other thing I am working one - and that is a plus, being only one - is coming along just fine.

This is fun to tat and is great for listening to audio-books.  Anybody out there do this?

I am seriously addicted to this pastime.  Being a tremendous reader, tatting has come between me and the printed page.  So, a friend suggested the library on line, and I have been an audio-book fanatic for almost a year!

Just finished Aloft by Chang- rae Lee, and I found it to be absolutely wonderful - a masterpiece of the written word.

If anyone would like a list of the books I have listened to, drop me a line and we can swap titles.  I am always up for a recommendation.

Off to the craft store....


Friday, February 5, 2010

T'is a Bonnie...?

I am having way more luck with this piece than the TAT exercise, for I am STILL lumping along with it.  I just cannot get it right and it has been over a week!

Usually, once I have the stitches and the pattern in my head, I can proceed after one or two trial runs and get the thing done.  This one really has me stumped.  

There is not a problem with type of stitches or the pattern, or even the direction of the tatting.  This is a problem of technique, of my clumbsiness at the task at hand - literally! It is frustrating in the extereme!  

Plus, I  am not used to such a lot of failed attempts -  VERY humbling.

So, I take a lot of little breaks and work on the pink and white.  So far so good!  


Wednesday, February 3, 2010


Sherry's instructions are impeccable, but I cannot do the directional thing very easily.  I don't know which way to turn and I also do front-side/back-side, which might confuse the issue.  

So, this took me a long time to complete.  I must admit, I was late for work!  "(Car trouble," I pleaded....  shameful little lie! LOL!)

Also, I do not understand the folded ring thing, even after I checked Martha Ess's .blog, as suggested.  This is just not my week.  Maybe I should take up stamp collecting, or paint by numbers...

On a more positive, hmmmm, note, I am pleased this brings my Motif Challenge number to 20!

Sometimes You Just Have To Walk Away...

After five days of working on the TAT exercise, all that I have managed to accomplish is PILES of thread, that look just like this:

I am SOOOO  frustrated. I decided I'd take a break and do something fun....

I will do anything to keep from finishing this  TAT course.  I am SO close!  Only a very few left and I am drag-g-g-g-ing my feet, or rather, my shuttles.

In order to help me procrastinate to the fullest, I have begun a pattern that will surely take a chunk of time that should (get that  *should*  -  what is THAT about?) be spent elsewhere.

I began this:  You'll have to guess what it is....

Looks okay, right?  It was supposed to be fun, but NOOOOOO!  Not for the obsessed.  Compare with the new one just started:

I was going to relax and just have.. what is that 'f'' word?   Oh yes, FUN.  However, I looked at what I was happily tatting, and all of a sudden I saw the GLARING sloppiness!  

Had to begin again.  You really CAN see a difference.  There were mistakes and all over the place and bad stitching - and I am not ds'ing myself when I say that!  

Not only merely obsessed, I have redefined the word perfectionist.  Where will it end?