Thursday, December 9, 2010

Thank You, Maureen!

When the pupil is ready the teacher appears: Maureen, from Australia.  I guess after two years, I was really ready to learn how to attach a thread properly and to learn the weaver's knot.  Even after all the T.A.T. courses, and all the on-line material I have worked with,  I have been winging it.  Ah, such a big faker!

Then, poof!  You said some magic turn of phrase, and suddenly, with no warning, it all clicked! (I think it was the word, "popped" that did it.) Thank you!

Yesterday, I had to cut a whole section out of a motif, which I am just about finished, and I was MAD! Really upset as there are a lot of beads to string on this little piece.  But then - your words from the last comment erupted in my brain  and voilà - a  tiny miracle!

After so much tatting excitement, I relaxed without beads or bravado - for a change -  and tatted a simple motif in TWO variegated threads. Such a no-no!  The pink one is Lizbeth and the other is a green from Yarnplayer; both size 40 - I think!

#19  Motif Challenge
From 'DMC Festive Tatting'.


  1. I'm really glad you got your 'Voila!' moment!

    and I think those colors are so pretty!!!

  2. See, you can learn anything in tatting when you put your mind to it! Being comfortable with adding a thread opens up whole new possibilities-- you can make larger pieces, or you can change the color of one of the threads partway through! And, of course, you can ruthlessly cut out a mistake and restart.

    I think those two variegated threads look good together. There are obviously many colorways that are best not mixed, but some can blend beautifully, especially HDT's.

  3. Love the motif and the threads looks gorgeous together!

  4. It's a really useful skill, isn't it! - you just have to be careful to hold it absolutely in place because it does slip away, doesn't it!
    With that, and my wonderful lesson from Liyarra on hiding tails, I don't worry at all anymore about having to add thread - and that means I can use my favourite clover shuttles instead of overloading bigger ones which I don't find comfortable to hold.

  5. Lovely, and so festive! I'll have to try that weaver's knot. I do my own thing, and I'm not sure if it's right, but none of my tatted pieces have complained yet! ; )

    Still, I love learning new things!

  6. Congratulations Fox! Yay!! The colours go well together, too.

  7. We are never too old to learn and isn't it wonderful when we get that "aha moment". Happy tatting...

  8. I think the colors look great. Not all no-no's are bad :)

  9. That in-process piece looks like Posy with beads! I had to start over when I made a mistake - twice! I need to learn to cut a section out and add new thread . . . and to work in ends . . . and much more about adding beads to tatting! Oh my! I have a lot to learn.

  10. The colours look beautiful and go well together, congrats on getting it, see you are never too old to learn new tricks, Gosh you will be adding colour to everything now.