Sunday, January 30, 2011

The Boss Likes "The Lello" In The Middle...

 #23 Motif Challenge

Another new tatting technique learned! This one concerns adding a thrown-off ring from a chain mimicking a picot.  For the longest while I could not figure out what I was supposed to do and started (twice) using a mock picot, though I knew from the photo that this was ENTIRELY WRONG!

Ends up your are supposed to just leave a bit of thread at both ends of the ring!  So simple and yet  it so eluded me.

There are wonderful patterns - all in diagram form -  in this book, and very good photographs of all of them, which is most helpful. 

Now, in the mail from yesterday...

Friday, January 28, 2011

Timeless Tatting

#22 Motif Challenge
Yarnplayer's "Celery" HDT . and Milford #40

I am beguiled by the old patterns. Suddenly, I am truly smitten.  Perhaps, once one begins to understand the way they are written, it is just a natural progression to trying them out and succumbing to their charm!  Whatever.  I like them a lot!

That is not to say that they don't drive me right up the wall.  This one was awful for me to tat - just dreadful.  I just could not get it right. Worth it in the long run, but I cannot believe how women tatted yards and yards of this stuff...  How did they do it?  This one took HOURS, and this is all I have to show for all that time.

By the way, it occurred to me this afternoon, that a 'glass mat' is a small mat to put under a glass!  Is this correct?  I have wondered for a long time why it was called a glass mat, and I am so dyslexic and literal, that sometimes the oddest things elude me!  Set me straight, someone!

P.S.  This pattern looks like a light switch cover!

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Very Nearly Vintage

I found this little motif to be very pleasing, an easy tat and a nice change of pace.  It is small - just over two inches, tatted in #20, Yarnplayer's "Celery.," and  #40 Milford, green ( thanks to TypsTatting!).

#21 Motif Challenge

It came from this old book (1960's, I think).

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Two Firsts!

Can you believe it?  This is my first attempt at Iris Niebach's, "Fiordaliso!"  Plus, this is the first time I have ever tatted it!  I am speechless - for once....

 #20 Motif Challenge


Great Book >

Monday, January 24, 2011

"Maeve" - The Pattern

Well. it is as good as it is going to get!  The drawing of patterns is definitely NOT my cuppa!  
Luckily , at the moment, I have only two little granddaughters!
Hope you like it!

This is "Maeve."
Thia is also "Maeve."

Here is the LINK:

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Vintage Rose

#18 Motif Challenge

The Knot Stitch
For almost two years, I have been eyeing this pattern, which uses this funny little non-tatting knot.  I tried it several times, to no avail - I just could not seem to understand the instructions and the shuttles took to the air... well, you know me and my...  ahem... somewhat  tenuous relationship with my shuttles!

   This is the Knot Stitch---

 ----This is the book in which the pattern appears

However, a twist to the story: enter Snapdragon Lace! There is a page on her blog where the pattern has been has de-mystified, so that EVEN I can understand it! ( she was kind enough to respond to a FEW of my anxious emails as well.)

Thank you, Snapdragon Lace, for being so patient, and for helping me out.

#19 Motif Challenge

I was even moved to do the leaf, which I think is very pretty.  
It would look lovely if tatted, as in the original, all around a central rose motif...

Take heart, any of you out there in Tat-land who have been where I have with this pattern.  
This is one of many earlier attempts:

Close, but no cigar...
Snapdragon Lace wasn't fooling when she re-named this the Rose Motif (From Hell)!

Friday, January 21, 2011

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Veering To Vintage

My camera says it better today than I can...

** Please note that I originally credited "Gardenia" to Mary Konior.
With sincere apologies to Iris Niebach and a very red face,
I have corrected my bad editing.

I have been influenced lately by 
Gina's tatting.  Check
out her blog to see some 
interesting posts about 
vintage patterns.

Monday, January 17, 2011

Abigail - The Pattern

ladytats has kindly test-tatted my very first pattern and done a brilliant editing job, so that I can fulfill my promise and give you this pattern. : )

 "Abigail" tatted by ladytats

Thank you Tat-land for all your help and support.
A special thanks to Sharon for holding the Design-Tat course.

Here is the link to the pattern.


                                       © Fox 2011                    

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Progress and a Surprise

 Welcome, My Wonderful New Visitor!

A lovely surprise this morning.

I have some odd habits.  Some I will keep to myself, but this one I will share with you.

I love to go to the map that shows me who has visited tat-ology - not who , but where the who comes from.

There are so many places in the world I have never and shall in all probability never see, and it intrigues me that there is someone in say, Shanghai, who has visited; someone from a city in Namibia; or there is an interested tatter in Moscow.  This to me is very intriguing.

For a long time I have seen that there are a lot of tatters in Italy who seem to enjoy my blog.  Ciao belle!

But, it saddened me that there was not one soul who had journeyed here from one of my favourite Italian cities.

For months I hvave checked.  Nope.  Nothing. Not one hit.  Nulla.

Then, this morning, I saw that a large number of people had viewed tat-ology in the past 24 hours and I thought to myself. "Go on. Click on Italy. Have a peek."

Buongiorno e benvenuti a tat-logy, Venezia!,

I am thrilled.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Big Thank-Yous To Terrific Test -Tatters

Before the new year, I asked Ann, of the Nifty Needle, if she would be kind enough to test-tat a new pattern, and she undertook this challenge, even buying new thread to do so!  Just look at what she has created for me!  Thank you so much Ann - it looks wonderful!

Design by Fox
tatted by
Ann at the Nifty Needle

Then, I received a request from Mary at  Peachtree Cottage.  She wanted to try and replicate the pattern she had seen here.  I told her I could send her the pattern and she could test it out. She agreed to give it a go and here is her beautiful rendition! Thank you, Mary!

Design by Fox
tatted by
Mary at Peachtree Cottage

It is so interesting to see how one's work changes, depending upon who tats it and how they choose to re-create it..

I am still at work on the diagrams and when I am done I should be ready to post "Abigail" and  "Maeve".

Friday, January 14, 2011

Justice for "Elcie"

 #16 Motif Challenge
 tattrldy''s "Elcie"

I was looking at the stitches in the red Elcie of a few days ago; I am NOT pleased!

Wanda's lovely design deserves better, so this is what happened.  I think it looks a lot neater.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Aye Aye, Sharon!

I've been ordered:

**For those of you who are confused: this is my first computer drawn diagram.  If I can get a good one, I will publish the "Abigail" pattern, with a diagram... if.....

This has taken me all morning!  Gad!  
What a learning CURVE!

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Following Phaedra?

#15 Motif Challenge
I am getting restless ... so, I just aimlessly tat, although I am happy with the results.  This is Sharon's "Phaedra," from Tatted Flurries.

I am procrastinating about tackling the drawing part of the Design Course.  Not sure why; I love all things techie, computers and challenges of the new, so what the block is, is a mystery to me. It is, however, real.

Monday, January 10, 2011

Design Swap

Design by Wanda
tatted by Fox

This is tattrldy's design!  Is it not beautiful?  I love it.  And I love it in red.  In the design course, we usually tat in a pale colour or white, so the design is obvious, but I chose to tat her creation in red and guess what colour she decided to use for mine...

design by Fox
tatted by tattrldy

    Without knowledge of the other's choice, we both decided on the colour.  Funny how that worked!

 Then there were problems:

I had begun Sharon's "Phaedra" snowflake, from "Tatted Flurries," but found the thread thin, so the motif would be smaller than I wanted. In order to use the full shuttle, I decided to try an Iris Neibach border, which I began FOUR times! I have put it aside for now.

However, I really like the pattern and it is NOT difficult - if one follows the directions, that is, so I will do it again.  I also enjoyed tatting it in Lizbeth #40, which produces a tight, crisp stitch.

This is a terrific pattern and I have begin it again, and am very pleased with the way it is working out. Perhaps it is going well as I have had a very focussed helper today...

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Second Time 'Round Takes The Prize

#14 Motif Challenge
Sharon's 'Grace Snowflake."
As  appreciative as I am of all your wonderful comments and support, I really have to tell you - I do know when my work is not up to snuff!  And that first try was NOT good - which was precisely why I posted it  To see the difference:

See what I mean?  The first one, as it has so many newly joined threads, many mistakes and all the unnecessary SLT's is lopsided, and the recent one is much more symmetrical.

I see a huge improvement, which once again admonishes me to not count on getting it right that first time.

Update on The Lamp

My funny show-piece has gone through some heavy-duty changes over the past year and a half! It sits close  beside me as I tat by its lousy light (I really MUST get some proper lighting) every day.

I find that I do study the motifs a lot, and enjoy the process, especially when I am exercising (rebounder) every night for half an hour.  I look at that lamp and think about the motifs and the tatting involved and the minutes go by quickly.  Often I am listening to an audio book at the same time; then the time really flies by.

(An Aside: For Mature Audiences Only!
As I was producing the collage, I just happened to see, there in the background, taking the photo of the lamp, hidden in with all the pictures, a full length shot of the photographer - moi - STARK NAKED!  Yup, I almost published it!  Just lucky I edit so carefully!  Imagine!  Tee hee!  Why was I wandering around my place shooting pics in the buff you may ask.  Well, that's another story!

I have mentioned this before but the more I tat, the more I appreciate this little tool.  For those of you who have not heard me go on about Jane's threadless needle hint, behold it in all its glory:

I cannot do the Magic Loop. So, I am stuck with sewing in the ends, which in all honesty, I do not mind at all.

These needles, I found at the Supermarket in a small sewing display.  Very inexpensive.  Lots in the packet. The ones with the gold top, as pictured here I find easier to deal with, as they seem to be thinner.

In conclusion, you have to experiment to find the ones you like as there seem to be quite a few brands.  Worth the effort!