Monday, December 20, 2010

Not the 'Pied', but the' Myra'...

Piper, that is!
Motif Challenge #1
Design by Myra Piper

So, I had just enough of Tatskool's delicious thread left to tat this motif, which measures about 2 inches in diameter.  Cute isn't it?

Then, figured I had better get the design written up for my Design-Tat Homework, before I dive into some other project.  I must admit I do feel some satisfaction in getting it ALMOST finished.

However, this writing up of a pattern is definitely not easy.  It is the least enjoyable part of the process for me, because I keep going over and over it.  As an ex-copywriter, (a gazillion years ago!) I have been trained to edit, edit and edit again!  And to think we have not even got to the drawing bit.

Should be a ton of fun, she said, with no evidence of mirth anywhere.

Back to the drawing-board...


  1. Your Piper motif looks very good. And your pattern for the design class is lovely, too.

    I agree with you, writing out the pattern is the least fun of tatting I think, along with sewing on an edging and hiding ends! That's what I should be doing right now, instead of looking at other people's pretties....

  2. I was very naughty!!!! I liked your motif so much I just had to try to figure out how to make it. I printed out a picture from a previous post and figured it out from that. I showed it to my mom, along with a number of other things I had tatted. She kept coming back to that one and saying how much she liked it. I have only kept it and admired how pretty it is-- I wouldn't dream of doing anything else with it unless you released the pattern, free or for sale (I would make sure I paid for it appropriately if it were for sale.) It is just such a pretty motif!!!

  3. tattrldy, I am waiting for you to post your pattern as I love the shape of your design and am going to tat it up! I am waiting!
    Fox : )

    Beelizabeth, Naughty? Are you kidding? Please, do what you like with it, just be sure to give me the credit for the design.

    I am thrilled that you not only like the design, but have already tatted it! I would love to see it. You could send a pic to via email and I will post it on tat-ology! What fun!
    Fox : )
    p..s You made my day!

  4. Lovely! Lovely! Lovely! I might get to do some tatting tomorrow... if I'm very good! Myra's book is close at hand! : )

  5. Thanks, Diane! It is a lovely little book for some very quick gratification - which I am always in favour of!
    Fox : )

  6. Pretty motif! The thread really does compliment it.

    Love the picture you have added to your pattern. The layout looks really nice. I think the most frustrating part of writing a pattern (and I've only done one untested tatting pattern), is taking myself out of the equation. I KNOW what I mean, but making sure I'm writing it so others can follow...

    I gotta say, it's exciting seeing you venture into design because you don't do things by half measures - it will be fun to see where this takes you!

    :) Ann

  7. Love the motif! And your desing looks great!

  8. So pretty, Fox!

    I love chocolate and fruit, so this thread combo really hits the spot.

    I also like the looks of the paper your pattern is on. The norm is to do a blue background (under the photo) but I REALLY like the red!!! It's so unique

    Once an editor, always an editor. Right?

  9. First of all, CONGRATULATIONS on completing another round of the 25! You continue to roll right along, not only with tatting but with blogging. Always entertaining!

    Is the Abigail pattern shown on the red background another pattern that you published? It looks professionally done. Your new design is exellent (love the colors), and I have no doubt you'll successfully get it written up.

    I'm relieved to know you find it difficult to write a pattern. I also have problems with that, and have a long story about my attempts to publish some patterns back in 1993 - an experience with a magazine which I have yet to write about on my blog. I'm struggling right now with my slipper pattern because I just don't have the block of time necessary to concentrate on it! I would need to lock myself in a room for about a week, and have food brought to me!

    I'm glad Angeline's book is still OK. I prize my own copy. Amazing sleuthing by Heather!

  10. Thank you, Kathy. That is a lovely compliment.

    The Abigail pattern is what I am doing for the Design-Tat course with Sharon. The one in Tatskool's Chocolime is the one I have just completed. I have only done these two and that pattern in the photo was straight out of my printer! Ha ,ha professionally done? I think not!
    Yes, I am finding the writing of the design to be very demanding. One needs time, and I find - quiet!
    Fox : )

  11. Muy lindo patrón, y el matiz del hilo increible. GUAU!!

  12. It is looking awesome, I also love the choise of thread.
    Well done.