Thursday, May 26, 2016

More Mail Misery

This is as far as I can tat; I'm waiting for thread reinforcement! And you all know how very patient I am...

However, this took the edge off the my temporary tatting tribulations:

I had sent this very Tat-Pic (made by David Reed Smith) to a dear friend, who unbeknownst to me, never used it! I love them for I am always un-tatting and they work for me. She read of my NYC Lost Project escapade, and sent it back to me! Joy!

Also, she sent more if that fabulous silk thread and other goodies. Take a peek:

Thank you, Suneeti! I love it all, especially the little foxy lipgloss.

The thread is this one:

Now, the newest project is a Norma Benporath pattern that you can find over at Craftree. It's fun and easy and something new to me, as I have never tatted directly onto a round doily centre.

The thread is a new #80 Lizbeth colourway, rather like the thread colour of the last hankie border, but it has more pink in it. I ordered two balls, as it really called out to me.

Monday, May 23, 2016

Hankering For An Inspirational Project

This time, I had enough thread - #50 HDT - to get around the hankie, because it was such a simple pattern.


Thanks to a tatting friend, I was able to have the perfect handkerchief for this pretty thread by Lea Rako.

Now, I am working on Renata's doily, wondering how large it will become and wondering also what design to begin for a new challenge... Ideas?

Friday, May 20, 2016

Canada Post, Take A Bow!

This time they got it right - my package arrived. 

The recipient is delighted and I can stop worrying! This brings the Jinxed Project to an end. Whatever happens to that piece has nothing now to do with me!

Moving on to Row 8 of the Renulek piece:

Monday, May 16, 2016

Nothing yet...

Beginning to move into panic mode...
I have heard nothing about the doily...
Enough said.

Both projects as of today:

Saturday, May 14, 2016

Not Again!.

Is the Heart, Land of Laces lost? Has it gone astray in the post? Will my friend receive it? Has it gone to join the still-missing shuttles and thread in New York? Arghhhhh!!!

I mailed the mat to my friend in a very secure, well addressed, proper Canadian Post Office envelope and it should have arrived by now, but I have heard not a word from my friend. I know she would have at the very least sent an email, as it would have been a complete surprise. Nothing.

Figures. That pattern and thread were severely jinxed

Moving on...  Here are the two projects I am working on. The hankie edge is over half-way done (and I still have lots of thread!). The Renulek Wiosna 2016,  Row 7 is halfway finished as well.

Monday, May 9, 2016

tat-ology Is Seven Years Old!

Until Renata posts row number seven, I am tatting a new edging for a hankie sent to me by a generous friend.

I had some of Lea's #50,  HDT, that matched absolutely nothing, so I asked my tatting buddy if she could find me a hankie with suitable colours, as I had looked everywhere, with no success.

This is what happened:

The pattern is here:

I almost forgot!
I can't believe tat-ology is 7 years old!

Saturday, May 7, 2016


Well, all those months and it was finished and I did like it. Actually, I liked it very much and I hardly ever say that!

It has been wrapped up and is awaiting a visit with an old friend who saw a photo of it and said it would look wonderful in her traditional home. I was so pleased I said of course she should have it. 

This was a person who recognized and stopped me on the street yesterday - we had not seen one another for about fourteen years! Coffee, two hours talk, laughter, photo-sharing and catching up; the intervening years completely disappeared. 

Upon returning home, I immedietely wrapped up the tatting and so it's awaiting its new abode. I realize, once again, for me, satisfaction is all in the process. I really don't care at all about the final product, as long as it is the best I can do; I do not want to see it in my all white sparsely furnished dwelling. I just like to tat! What about you?

Renukek row six is almost complete:

This looks great and feels so substantial compared to my regular pieces in #80. I do miss the fine threads however!

However, this is a nice change and I love the colour of the combined blues. The threads have a mildly sticky feel, rather like Valdani, and I guess they are not a 6-ply. 

A successful experiment is always a pleasant event!

Thursday, May 5, 2016

Delightful Denouement

Well, in the end, it all turned out fine: a lovely eleven inches of fine!

Thank you Sue and Stephanie for the suggestion about keeping it consistent with one thread for the final row, especially Stephanie who felt that one thread around the motif would accentuate the shape of the heart. This plan was the solution to the colour challenge.

here it is, 
in Leas's HDT, #70, diameter: 11":

Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Can It Get More Wrong?

There are two skeins of the turquoise HDT; 
neither is a good match! 

I didn't realize it till I got to the last two hearts, when I took a break to get the thread to wind in preparation for the final f*%^-ing row!

So, which skein do I use?

Sunday, May 1, 2016