Friday, December 17, 2010

My '#@!%' Design!

I cannot believe how much trouble I am having getting this tatted.  I have started it a gazillion times and made tons of mistakes.  Knowing I should just put it away for a while has just  made it worse.

What has made the exercise bearable is the fabulous thread - Tatskool's Chocolime #40.  It is wonderful to work with.  I'd forgotten how much I love her HDT.  I tend to hoard it till I get an overwhelming urge and then just have to use it!

I am hoping to get it done by tomorrow, but that may not happen!


  1. Don't feel bad, I have a design that I never make because I can't get through it without a mistake. Your design is beautiful, and you keep picking such wonderful color combinations for it!

  2. It is looking very nice, Fox!

    I'm afraid designing is not my slice of pizza (wish it were - I love pizza!)

    The only thing I can think of is: maybe you need some brain food (got any chocolate)?
    Or find a way to see your design with fresh eyes?

    What if, your mistakes cause you to come up with a new pattern? Then maybe when you try it again, it will come out as planned...

    Good Luck!

  3. AUGH! I feel your frustration and (hopefully can) ease it a bit by taking some via bitstream transfer. :-)

    ChocoLime *IS* glorious, isn't it? A dream to Tat with, as are all her hand-dyed threads (HDTs).

    I just continuously wound 2 new shuttles (a holiday splurge) with her new Nutmeg HDT to tat camels, but your post has me longing for ChocoLime.

    Best of luck with your design! It is a goodie and will bring much satisfaction to you at the end.

    For now, try not to get that Stones song stuck in your head....
    (I can't get

    Try altering the lyrics for tatting and see if it frees your inner Tatter to give you the satisfaction you crave. *grins*

  4. Ishihara, Oh No! Do not tempt me! I am longing to get my hands on more of Tatskool's wondrous threads. I LOVE them so much and that is why I hoard them, only fondling them occasionally and hardly ever giving in to the temptation that had me in its grip when I plundered the Chocolime! I am trying to be good... I hear Nutmeg Sirens in the distance... Be still my dancing shekels...
    Fox : )

  5. Fox,
    You see it! You have to believe you can make it. Relax & remember to breath. I believe in you! I know you will get it done when you are spose to do so. You will make it happen cause I know you will get it to work!