Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Treading Water.. No Project Picked....

Remember Fiestaware?  Big in the decades before my arrival, but my mom had it, and I remember it well in the kitchens of my aunts...  It looked like this:

Look familiar?  How about the thread...

HDT: Country Christmas from LadyShuttleMaker
 #7 Motif Challenge

Isn't this terrific?  I love it!  The pattern is from The Tatted Artistry if Teiko Fujisto, and the thread is from the Lace-lovin' Librarian, ♥  who sent me this!  What a huge surprise!

When I opened the box and saw that fabbo thread, I knew I had to tat something right away. I was certain that  the decorated shuttles would produce a winner for sure! And Diane's beautiful motif provided all the inspiration I needed.

Then I tried one of Sharon's lovely snowflakes.  Not as easy as it looked.  I am going to tat this again, but in a larger thread. This was #40 Mercer, and I found it difficult to get good tension on the JKs. 

 Because the shuttle was wound in lilac I thought I'd try this: it is working in Cébélia #20...

Again, not as easy as it looks.  I always have to have a few runs at Mary Konior patterns before I get them right.  This is Corn and Chaff from Tatting in Lace.  The green bandage with the frog was helpful in my getting a firmer grip on the thread, but I  still had to change it from #40 Mercer to #20 Cébélia. The thumb?  Don't ask.

Don't really know what I want to tat next.  I feel unsettled not having a project in mind. Like treading water...


  1. ..love the color of the thread above.. fiesta comes to mind!

    Where is Corn and Chaff found in?
    Keep on, Keep on tatting!

  2. That thread is amazingly awesome! And the motif just displays it beautifully!!! :)
    That edging will really spruce up those cute socks! :)

  3. Oooh I love that thread too…It is just beautiful. Thank you for sharing.

  4. Hi Fox,
    I am sure something will come to mind soon. As always your colour combinations is lovely. Corn and chaff is a pretty pattern and it will look even prettier on the socks.

  5. Corn and Chaff looks like a fun pattern to take you through the doldrums; I am tatting two bookmarks which "I have always meant to try" - the Tardis and Chinese Coin.
    After that I have to knit again, following several very pointed hints and complaints from the family!

  6. Love the thread and the motif is awesome. Love the socks dont suppose that you knitted them.

  7. The thread is beautiful and the motif was born to have it made in that thread, I am sure you will not rest for long before you find something to tat.

  8. Always so beautiful the work which you make
    happy New Year

  9. I'm glad you liked your little surprise! I love what you did with the thread. Isn't HDT great?

  10. I love the Teiko Fujisto motif, and the thread Diane sent is perfect for it. Again, you have an instinct for matching thread and pattern. Do you know the name of the HDT? And is the turquoise outside chain a separate color? It's definitely a perfect match!

    Indeed I remember Fiestaware! You may be interested to know that it is still being manufactured in West Virginia (about 30 miles from here). I've been to the Homer Laughlin factory several times, after I learned (to my shock) in the '90s that Fiestaware was considered highly collectible! I had no idea that our everyday china from my childhood in the '50s had been made 'locally' or that it would become a 'big deal'! I saw people standing in line (or sitting in lawn chairs) waiting to get in to buy the latest colors, by the basketful, at discounted prices!

    I only have a few pieces of my mother's Fiestaware left but have bought some new pieces in a new color for nostalgia's sake! Fiestaware particularly reminds me of the wonderful food my mother served on those dishes! Thanks for the memories!

  11. I love that HDT! Do you know where it's from?

    The Corn and Chaff does look tricky, but it is a perfect design to go with those socks. For the Mini-Boss?

    Isn't it odd how you can feel at loose ends not having anything to tat? I know you'll come back with a vengence once you pick something, though!

    And now, just because you said it, I do have to ask about the thumb.

  12. Thanks, Everyone!

    Diane, You can see I am not the only one who is curious about this great thread! What is it?

    Miranda, For once, the injury is NOT tatting related! Just a nail that tore WAY too low! Thanks for the curiosity!
    Fox : )

  13. I got sidetracked and forgot to come back here but the fiesta colors in the motif are gorgeous!

  14. And the answer is:

    Country Christmas from LadyShuttleMaker!

    ♥ Fox : )