Tuesday, December 7, 2010

A Bit Of A Flake

This is from the 'DMC Festive Tatting' book that I received in the mail,  as a direct  result of my addictive reading of  the Lace-Lovin' Librarian  blog! Ah Diane, you have created half of my library, I am certain!

The beads are the ones I found in an old sewing outlet, in a dusty corner, packaged in about 1980 or so, I am sure! I bought up all I could see - two little packs , each for $0.99.  Aren't they bright and lovely?  Bargoon.  I went back for more but alas they were no more.  They are glass and lined and very saturated in colour - terrific for snowflakes!

None of the patterns in this book have diagrams, and yet all are pretty easy to follow, so I was not my usual stressed-out self while tatting - as far as the pattern went.  The thread?  Another matter.

Once again, I bemoan the soft, wimpyness of Cébélia #20.  I had forgotten why I do not like it very much.  White seems to be the worst of the balls of it that I have,  in terms of lack of crispness. The colours are definitely better - maybe because of the dye.

I might just have to capitulate and order some white Lizbeth.   You see, one must never say never because this is always what will eventuate if you do.  Eating one's words.  Ahem....

A few of you suggested I hang the pink motif from the pink point, making it the centre of the piece,  adding a bead for stability.  I liked that suggestion and I had not thought of making the pink the top!  I told you I see the world in a very different way!

Anyway, thank you for the suggestion as it worked nicely on the white snowflake as well.

Just before publishing this, I went to Carla's blog and saw her fantastic broach, tatted in - you guessed it - Cébélia #20!  What is she doing that I am not?

You must visit her blog and see the lovely flower that she has designed - it is very, very pretty. 


  1. WOW!!! this snowflake is so joyful looking. I don't know what happened to my previous comment. It disappeared into cyberland.

  2. I love the new flake with the gorgeous and colorful beads! I've just finished two pieces with beads (well, finished one, almost finished the second) and I'm beginning to understand the attraction.

  3. I'm glad to promote books! Do I dare tell you how many I have? Maybe my new year's resolution should be to showcase one book each week... what fun!

    Funny, I was looking at that star pattern the other day... no beading yet!

    I did see Carla's corsage... gorgeous!

  4. Those blue beads in that snowflake really set it off. I was saying "ooo" before the picture had finished loading:) I don't use the Cebelia much now either, though I have a lot of it in ecru. I find it too soft (?) anymore.

    I didn't get a chance to comment on your Angels in the Snow on your previous post though I had a quick glance at it. Before I read that post I thought you had meant to do it that way:) I think it looks good and hanging it from the pink point really makes it look intentional. It's lovely!

    Now I'm over to check out Carla's blog.

  5. See, there is almost nothing in tatting that is truly unfixable. You just have to learn to look at it in different ways.

  6. Altho Carla's flower looks white, it's actually pink. I've noticed a difference in Cebelia threads according to color. She might also be running the thread through thread heaven before she winds it. And maybe not - but it's a thought. Love the new motif!

  7. Gina, Lest you think I do not read the posts, I have to explain!

    I have read Carla's explanation three times. The base of the flower is white... I think the centre is indeed pink, but it doesn't show on my screen as pink, but white, like the rest of the flower. There - I feel redeemed!
    (Fox, get over yourself!)

    Fox ; )

  8. I'm so glad you've drawn attention to this sweet design from the Festive Tatting book. I believe the designs are attributed to Marion T Leyds. This was one of my first tatting books, and I tatted several of the designs in it.

    However, when I first did this pattern, I didn't know how to use two shuttles, so I just ignored that part, which, of course, caused a hole in the center. I solved that problem by hanging a large crystal bead in the hole! I did that to several of those 'two shuttle' snowflakes and stars, when I feared using two shuttles!

    I also used Cebelia size 20, but I stiffened it with Aleene's fabric stiffener, and it still looks good today, 20 years later!

    I LOVE the placement of the blue and gold beads! They add an eye-catching design combination and almost give it a Celtic 'woven' look. You definitely have an artistic eye for incorporating beads into your tatting, both in color and in placement.

    I'm also glad you showed us the snowflake with the pink section on top! It looks as though it was planned!

  9. Kathy, I cannot believe you have a snowflake that is twenty years old! That is amazing!

    I am wondering about stiffener and what people use today. There is a lot on InTatters about this, but I have been afraid to try anything.

    The Cébélia could certainly use a little help though. Thanks for the comments about your early tatting days!
    Fox : )

  10. Hi Sunela! Glad you are back into tatting again! I wonder if you are now needle tatting or have you decided to stay with the shuttle?

    Thanks for the visit.
    Fox : )

  11. I love your snowflake turned to focus the pink as the top. Your new white with the beads is lovely. Happy tatting...

  12. This is one of the prettiest snowflakes I have seen! - you're so clever with beading.
    I have a question - in this flake, and also in one or two of your other pieces, I have been wondering how exactly you have positioned some of the beads. In this instance, it's the blue beads - I think it may have been in one of the Angel flakes that you have also used whatever technique it is. I am not intuitive, I can't work out whether the beads are on the core thread, or whether they are simply joined to the next round as you go.

  13. Thanks, Maureen! The beads in this are all added on the picots as I tat, EXCEPT for the red ones and the middle yellows which are added at the start to the shuttle thread that will tat the rings. They are moved into place befor the ring is begun.
    Fox : )

  14. Oh Fox that is absolutely gorgeous!!!!!!!
    Why can't you live a bit closer!! I would love to see your work in real life.

    You make everything look so appealing. Happy tatting.

  15. Fox,

    I like my shuttle tatting the best....I am going to stick with it. However, needle tatting may come in handy one time.

  16. It always comes to mind, when I look at your work, how far you have come in such a short amount of time (relatively). I'm so proud of you! I love the blue beads in the snowflake.
    You would not be disappointed with Lisbeth's snowy white. It is the whitest thread I've seen and I've not had any difficulties. I'm tatting a snow flake at the moment on Cebella (must be a 30, it's lost its little tag) and find it a challenge.
    I have some snowflakes (a box of them) that I did at least 10 years ago, stiffened with diluted Aileen's product and they didn't yellow either; but, I used it too heavily I don't know why I keep them; yet they were not tatted nicely enough to give. Guess I could use them as gift tags.
    I'm glad Sunelea is sticking to traditional tatting with a shuttle, needle tatting lacks refinement and looks more like crochet. xxx bev

  17. I love how the color of the beads highlights the snowflake. Truly beautiful indeed!

  18. Hooray - someone else who thinks cebelia is wimpy!!! I would love to know the solution to getting it to look good. It NEVER works for me.

  19. Beautiful snowflake!
    I use only white and green Cébélia tread for my rose.

  20. Hi Fox, my dear tatting friend,
    I forgot to thank you for quoting me in your blog and for your kind and beautiful words about my flower