Saturday, May 29, 2010

Thank You, Sharon ♥ from the Cluny Klutz!

I am SO excited with this new pattern by Sharon Briggs, and this new- to-me  HDT by Snappish on Etsy. (are you reading this Liyarra?)   I couldn't  wait to post this!

This is one of Sharon's new ones that she very graciously has let me try.  I must admit I fiddled with the pattern because I wanted the clunies bigger ( as I am THE  Cluny Klutz) and then of course the whole thing had to be changed to get the chains the right length. Not only that, I added beads.  Couldn't NOT add beads.  Hmmm.... I think it might be Maebh's influence again...

I am going to tat another one, this time following the correct instructions, but I wanted to post this right away!

Must get the cluny thing handled.  I go to Elisadusd's blog  ALL the time to see her superb clunies.  Her work is so exact and consistent; Elisa says that she does at least 20 passes....  So, I tried that on Sharon's pattern; that is why everything is so squished.

When will someone have a Cluny Class?

(This was an attempt to understand the order of chains and rings in tatting clunies - which aren't tatted, but ...what is the word? They created with a shuttle - woven?)

The Thread
Liyarra told me months ago about it - Bre-Aly Threads from Snappish on Etsy. Loved using it. It is rather flat, as opposed to shiny, but has a lovely feel and is consistent both in the way the colours change and in the thickness.  Very nice thread, Brenda!

I have two dye-lots, both is #30.  Maybe I'll do the next one in the other colourway.  Maybe not!



  1. I'm waiting with bated breath for Linda Davies DVD, because I really want to see her cluny technique.

    I looked at Eliza's blog, and I wondered if maybe some of her chains were done with split chain technique-- that was the only way I could see to make it work. All I can say is, wow, her work is gorgeous!

  2. Pretty as a picture, wish I could do clunies! You are such a clever Fox!

  3. Honestly, you are just blazin' fast in your tatting triumphs, Fox. Does Maebh crack a magical whip instead of the traditional (tho' inaccurate) Shillelagh?

    Wishing my tatting wasn't totally crappy, I remain envious of your lovely Clunies!

  4. I tried to post a comment earlier, but I don't think it worked! - so I hope I'm not doubling up here. Fox, quickly get on a plane to Brisbane - on Saturday Judith Connors will be teaching the Queensland Tatters all about clunies at our June Meeting!
    Liyarra was kind enough to send me a few samples of that thread, and I found it really crisp and good to work with. I tatted a tiny Easter Basket with my Sage Rose colourway.

  5. Hi, Fox. I remembered that I had bookmarked your blog, so took some time today to look through it again. You have been so busy! Every time I see what you're up to, I am so blown away. Had to laugh over your question about WHY, as to why should we pursue the tatting addiction when we haven't any good reason for making all the pretties we want to make. My dear, it is an addiction, right? That's the reason why. So enjoy yourself, and allow the rest of us to continue enjoying your prolific accomplishments.