Wednesday, May 19, 2010

There Will Be Beads

#22 Motif Challenge

This was such a fun tat.  Same Karey Solomon thread as the last post, and the Pattern is 'Small Heart', by Jennifer Williams.  I rather like the tiny, lime beads.

Ummm... it's a little thing about the beads.  I cannot seem NOT to use them.  I love beads. All colours and shapes .  But only little beads. Soon, very soon,  I may have to break out - go big and bold and even brassy!  Maybe adding - gulp - buttons!

This is something that has sort of overtaken me by stealth.  Before, I had an impression that folks who used a lot of beads were a bit... well ... over the top.  I suppose I have to eat - dare I say it -  crow!

Beads are NOT tacky or gaudy, nor are they reserved for those lacking good taste.  Beads are for the pure of heart, the artistic, the brave, the adventuresome. Beads are all about joie de vivre and la dolce vita. The world needs many more shiny, colourful, beautiful beads; they could right a bunch of wrongs out there beyond the borders of Tat-land!

Listen-up world leaders; you need beads and lots of them.

That's my story and I'm sticking to it.

Remember this? 

Krystle and I did a bookmark exchange and she sent me this wonderful piece and some green silk thread.  Well, I told her I wanted to tat the same thing for my sister's BD, and she sent me some burgundy silk to go with the green!  How generous and kind is that?

I only hope I can do it justice.  It is different, though not difficult to work with.  It feels great.  Thank you, Krystle!  I am going to enjoy working with silk very much!

The silk is not the difficulty, however, the pattern, though it looks easy being only rings and chains, is quite surprisingly demanding in its simplicity.  This is a good challenge.

Also, I trust that sis will not read this, as she does not enjoy computers very much, and is not a huge fan of tatting (but she does read a lot) so I think I am safely incognito here, as far as she is concerned!

So far:

Now, there has been some talk about beads in bookmarks - how they make the thing too thick between the pages.  These are small beads and I do not think they will be a bother.  The pages will get used to them.  There will be beads.  Period.



  1. This bookmark is gorgeous as I'm sure your will be as well. What pattern is this? I might just have to make one for myself. I have tatted many bookmarks, but always seem to give them away before I can claim one of my own :)

  2. I think there can be too many beads with tatting - if I make it. The problem with beads for me is....I keep loosing them all over!! Your heart is quite lovely and your bookmark is looking fine. I'm sure there are books out there that will feel the same about beads as you do. Let there be beads!

  3. That is a SWEET heart, Fox! As I read your rousing address on the joy and necessity of beads, I found myself swaying and humming "The Battle Hymn of the Republic." Beads can rest easy tonight, knowing they have a worthy champion in you! :)

    Pretty threads and a pretty start to your sister's bookmark. That is such an elegant pattern. The bookmark you made Krystal is a real beauty!

    :) Ann

  4. Love the Lime green beads it sets off the colour of the motif which is so cute!!!!!

  5. Way to go, gal. LOVE beads in things too. Glad to see another convert. I have beads in my bookmarks and they've never damaged any books I read!!!! Mind, I only read novels!!!!!!

  6. I love beads as well! I have quite a collection, but I haven't ventured into tatting with beads yet. I think this summer might be the time to take the plunge! Thanks for the inspiration!

  7. I so agree with everything that you have said. Beads rule!

  8. I LOVE your tatting! That heart is sooo sweet.
    I too make bookmarks with beads, and then wonder...should there really be beads between the pages of a book? Does this put stress on the pages? Or the binding? In a small book, it might! And then there is the stress that closing a book tightly and placing another object atop it creates. What if that book -gasp!- crushed one of my beads embedded in the tatting??
    I do make cross-shaped bookmarks and wonder what would happen if there were, say, three of them tucked into my Bible...
    Oh, the pains we tatters take!

    Please keep up your blog and pretty pictures, as this is one of the happiest places my computer goes...!

  9. Leanna, Your comment made my day! Thank you. Bonus: I am so pleased to see you are a fellow Canuck with a shuttle! There are so few of us visible out here in Tat-land. ♥ Fox : )

    Tattin'Kit, Thank you! Te pattern is by Lenore English - called Tatted Bookmark. I think I used the Wayback Machine to get it. ♥

    tattrldy, Right On! BEADS! ♥

    Ann, I read and HEARD your comment loud and clear! You created a fine belly-laugh, as usual! With patriotic accompaniment this time! ♥

    Thanks, TypsTatting! ♥

    Jane, I worry with Leanna - what if the beads get crushed! Gasp! ♥

    Diane, You are already a formidable force. What will happen when your shuttle imoacts with the beads! BLAM POW ZOWIE! ♥

    Tatskool. Beads rule is right. Maebh is forcing ENCOURAGING me to use more and more and more...( Her colour sense is rather good, however...) LOL! ♥

  10. I think it must follow in the family! I also love beads and have quite a collection, actually can't stop buying them. If used well they can enhance a piece of tatting. Your bookmark is great aswell especially the colours

  11. Thanks, Sally! I KNEW you were into the beads by following your blog! Glad you like the bookmark. Thanks. Fox : ) ♥

  12. I like beads in tatting but I get frustrated at working with them.

    What I DO like is your determined comment........ There will be beads. Period.

    It sounded really cute and gave me a good chuckle.

  13. I love beads!! I love seeing them in other ppls work... I only have used them a few times and really liked it!

    the pattern can be found here:

    I was looking at it and thought it looked familiar... Im working on it now lol But im doing mine in one color. And on the site it only shows a part of it so I didnt know exactly what the whole bookmark looked like. I really like your version of it and the added beads!

  14. Thanks, Nikki! I'd love to see yours when you are finished. It is a great pattern, isn't it?
    Fox : )