Friday, May 7, 2010

Don't Leave Home WIthout It? Right!

 While cleaning up my photos and files, I came across this pic that shows you what I was planning to take with me to NYC, to await the birth of Mini-Boss.

Can you imagine?  WHAT was I thinking.  Obviously, I had a change of heart and a giggle, because I had the presence of mind to take a picture of the package for a future laugh!



  1. Goodness, Fox! I don't see anything to snicker at, just prudently packed ESSENTIALS (spoken by someone who has only travelled by car for nine years)! My tatting or sewing are like a security blanket on a trip, I may never make a stitch, but I've GOT to have it with me or I will be tortured by thoughts of what I COULD be doing to fill blanks. Lugging it along is me doing my family a favor so they don't have to deal with fussy me! :) I would have totally taken it and booted something more optional like a hairbrush, toothpaste or shoes... wanna take a road trip sometime? HAHAHA
    :) Ann

  2. Well I know I have definitly been there before. You want a project to keep you busy on a trip, but before you know it you are practically toting your weight in tatting supplies! HAHA

    You just have to laugh it off, and be happy you had the presence of mind to reconsider. I have actually found myself TAKING a similar lot with me on vacationone year!! Perhaps I should have known then that I was a bit obsessed with my tatting. HaHa!!

  3. Ann and Dale Marie,

    Light Travelling Fox

  4. Fox, I'm not sure your excitement will give you peace of mind to tat, but some goes a long way... Have fun.

  5. Funny, I don't see anything amiss in your photo. *wink*

    You get a golf clap for being so forward-thinking and organized.

  6. Well at least you had the presence of mind to have enough to do and that you wont run out of projects. I only take a edging tatting that I am doing!

  7. That looks like a fairly modest tatting kit to me!

    The possibility of being bored just doesn't bear thinking about!... and taking it does ensure that you won't be...bit like taking an umbrella!