Thursday, May 13, 2010

The Patience of Maebh

She is patiently waiting for me to stop with the moving activity and pay some attention to the shuttle from across the pond. It came with the beautiful tatted cross and a description of the oak shuttle it was tatted with.  

I have a Pop-A-Bobbin made of the same old oak and was so pleased to receive the card with the explanation from Tat's Heaven.

Maebh is right.  Time to relax and get the shuttles loaded as I finally found the pattern for the motif I want to tat after a whole lot of confusion and a very frantic email to Diane!  The pattern I wanted was not on her blog as I had thought it was, but rather on Gina's.  Moving brain.  What can I say!

Next post? One tatted motif coming up!



  1. Lovely shuttle and cross! Glad you are getting settled in enough to enjoy some "Me and Maebh Time."

    :) Ann

  2. Is that one of the new post shuttles made by 'Im in the Garage?" Ooh, ooh, ooh...old oak! Just the thought has me all antsy with anticipation.

  3. Its so amazing seeing something that you have wrapped up and posted to another country suddenly appear on someones blog! Looks like the shuttle is in safe hands! I thought you would like the explanation about the wood, and your photograph shows it up well.

  4. Isdihara,
    The shuttle was indeed made by "I'm in the Garage", and I am testing it out. It is not the old oak, but the Pop-A-Bobbin I have is!
    Fox : )

  5. Hang in there Maebh the shuttles will be humming again soon..and you can tell her what you would like her to make next!
    Lovely shuttle and cross.