Saturday, May 22, 2010

For Marking Her Place - Almost Done

Progress has been swift, maybe because I have been busy with other things; you know how that works.
So, Here is a picture from a few days ago.  Actually I am very near completion.  The silk has been wonderful to work with and I love the results.  Next post, the finished bookmark.

 Also working on a crocheted hat with tatted edge for Mini-Boss:

You can't see the top very well here, but I have encircled a pretty button with some tatted rings to hide the top beginning round of crochet.  In real life, it is very unobtrusive and is what I envisioned when I got the idea.

The tatted edge is a great colour.  Don't know what YOU see, but it is a pale lilac colour that co-ordinated with the yarn very well.  The yarn is sugar-cane viscose and is very soft.  Her mom will approve!

Dare I tread on the topic of the last post:  BEADS? Well, I will presume upon your patience and post just one more itty-bitty thing:  
my stash of  

Now, I'm done.


  1. Lovely bookmark, pretty hat but you do seem to be in bead deprivation! You need LOTS more.

  2. That's quite an amazing bead stash!!! All your work is very nice! What kind of silk are you using?

  3. Tatskool, I know. ♥

    Paula C It is "Zwicky", kindly sent to me by Krystle - and I think it isn't available hoo!
    Fox : )

  4. Love the tatted edgings and the hat is cute, now are you sure that you have enough beads!!!

  5. Very beautiful bookmark. The silk is easy and wonderful to work.
    Good tatting!

  6. Hey Fox!
    The bookmark is coming along beautifully!

    Mini-Boss's hat is SO SWEET! Oh my goodness, I can believe that yarn is super soft! It LOOKS so soft and smooth in the picture! You had a great idea for the top treatment with a bit of tatting and the button. I may have to take that one and run if you don't mind. I have a pretty blue/green t-shirt which Baby Doll REFUSES to wear, so I'm going to try to glam it up a bit in hopes of pulling it over her head some day.

    You and your camera sure know how to make a person crave beads!

    :) Ann

  7. Canuck? CANUCK!! You're from Toronto -- I'm from Winnipeg -- how exciting is that!! There aren't too many of us tatting ladies in Canada...I guess it's up to women like you and me to change that, Fox, Dear...In years past we Canucks may have been deprived for tatting info and sistership (seeing as so much happens south of the border) but thanks to charming blogs such as yours, and a few others to which I am partial...we are so lucky! We can literally SEE what other tatters are doing...and they are a lovely and caring lot of women...

    I am currently still giggling at Tatskool's wittiness...but I am in total agreement with can never have enough BEADS!!!

    ps: That lavender and white edging is beautiful! I haven't tatted in two days, and I'm feeling...deprived...

  8. Hi, Leanna! Well, THAT got big smile! Thank you for your response! Winnipeg you say! That's a lot of picots between cities!

    You are so right; we are lucky indeed to have the Internet and be able to have this place called Tat-land that has no borders... : )
    Fox, Proudly-Threaded Citizen of Tat-land ♥