Monday, May 17, 2010


The sound of a bell ringing ~ I can just just hear it.  Well, that is what I hear when I look at this lovely! (Jon's)
At long last, I have been able to do one of these carbone rings properly! (Karey's HDT) I read yesterday on one of the blogs about how one can try and try and not get it right, and put the problem away for a while, and ... ta-da:  no more angst.  Well, voilà!

 #18. Motif Challenge

Still messing about with the little motifs.  Getting some help from the Lep quarter, which reminds me; does Lep Headquarters notice the change to Maebh's wardrobe?
 #19, 20 and 21 Motif Challenge


  1. Well done - the thread is lovely, some things take a time to master and when you do finally "get it" there is such satisfaction.

  2. Very pretty! Challenges are good. That's what keeps our brains functioning!

  3. Jon's pattern + Karey's thread + Fox's bead intuition + Fox's deft shuttle = ABSOLUTE LOVELINESS!!!

    :) Ann

  4. Your ring tatting is beautiful.

    Oh my! Maebh's tatting is improving in leaps and bounds. Is that her reward for her hard work or just her being spoiled rotten by you.

    She will be making her own next!
    Beware of giving in to Leprechaun demands...they grow exponentially! One minute it's a simple bit of bling, next minute it's a sports car.

  5. Very pretty love the HDT and the beads go really well!!!!!!