Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Clunies Again and Maybe Dragons

Bitten once again by the cluny bug, I played around a bit, as always inspired by Elizadusud.  Her site is like no other!   I am mystified as to the order that one tats these things and how to position them the way I want them.  Elizadusud  has great pics, but I cannnot translate her instructions. Here is my meager offering:

Thus motivated, I tatted some simple motifs from
Kaye Judt's, Motifs for Marie.  
#12, 13 & 14 Motif Challenge



Today, while looking at the purple Mary Konior, Sweethearts piece I tatted last week, a designer at work asked if I was selling my tatting! Very validating as you can well imagine.

Then, suddenly remembered the clunies, I plummeted abruptly from instant celebrity to common sense reality.

So, next project?  I am thinking Anne B's Chunese Dragon! I have been examining my threads to see what would sing as a mythical being.   
Anyone got any tips or suggestions about this pattern?  I welcome all.



  1. I have always been partial to purple dragons, but green is a realistic choice. Or an ominous black (perhaps with red accents). ANd of course, you can't go wrong with a Chinese Red dragon!

    Your clunies look remarkable, especially compared to the outright mess I make of them. Don't give up! It won't be long before yours look practically perfect in every way!

    Could you email me privately RE: proper praise an a lep question?

    Hey, check it out! I got a word verification that has "tat" in it: statingl

  2. Your clunies look good. Mine usually end up as a tangled mess of broken threads. The one and only piece I've successfully completed (with a LOT of broken ends to hide) using them was similar to this, with the clunies moving in and out around a center ring.

    As for order and positioning, they are like split rings in that you start at one end and finish at the other; this means that, for example, you can't do a cluster of them around a central point like a cluster of rings. If I recall correctly, on the motif I did, I climbed out of the central ring with a mp, then went cluny, cluny, join to ring, cluny, cluny, join to ring all the way around; the clunies thus sort of zigzagged around the ring. On the next round, the chains joined between the clunies.

  3. I love cluny leaves!
    Good tatting my dear friend!

  4. Never tried a cluny so you are WAY ahead of me!..but I have written a post on the Chinese Dragon if that helps.


  5. I see you haven't started the dragon as yet, so my suggestion would be to use two shuttles and ordinary split rings. I tried both sorts, and it works just as well, and is quicker.
    Love the motifs

  6. Hi, snowy,
    Thanks for the tip. I do not know what you are referring to yet, as I have not read the pattern. I printed it off, and there it sits on my desk, intimidating me! Slowly, I am getting ready to start it. I am not sure of the thread...
    Fox the Uncertain : )