Friday, May 14, 2010

Bare Threads - Who Cares!

It's my new philosophy - okay, so I'm lying. In fact, I am quite miffed that the piece I was so looking forward to tatting is so, well, klutzy-looking. That's what happens if I do not tat constantly. That will teach me to move!

I was going to post only the second photo, as I thought it hid the alarming bare spots, but this must be an honest learning experience, or what's the point? So I gritted my teeth and displayed the worst one first. 
The second is a more slightly veiled version - like a photo taken with a bit of Vaseline smeared on the lens while photographing an aging movie star...

Here is the movie star version:

#16 Motif Challenge
Ah well.

This book has intimidated me till now.  I finally had the nerve to do this pattern, because I loved it so much on Gina's blog, and it was not difficult - even thought the result was not good.  It is a wonderful book, with lots of patterns inside.

I am going to tat this again and see if I can do the motif sans baldness.

Oh, the wonderful thread is Heather's Wine and Roses.  I reminds me of custard and jam. I love♥ this thread.



  1. The second picture does look better, but I bet a non-tatter wouldn't know what you were worried about! Good luck on the next try. The book looks very interesting.

  2. We are all our own worst critics, but to another person it doesn't look bad, actually. Just give it a good blocking and see what happens.

    That thread is perfect for the pattern.

  3. At first I couldn't see any bare threads but then I enlarged it and ...still couldn't see any...unless you are referring to the one in the center, like my own motif has, only MUCH smaller. I'm thinking I tatted a split ring to climb out of the center and might have focused on that instead of making sure all was snug at the base of the rings. i was appalled to see that big bare space on my own, but it's much more obvious than yours and once you block it, you might be able to work it out so it doesn't show. After all, I had to enlarge it to even find it!