Friday, May 7, 2010

Avoiding... and Socks for Mini-Boss

I am moving tomorrow, yet here I sit, finishing up the socks for Mini-Boss, and now posting them on the blog!  Nervous energy in anticipation of tomorrow's activity has me wound.

#14 Motif Challenge
I am also procrastinating about the next project, which I imagine will be AnneB's Dragon. I think the packing and organizing  for the impending move has robbed me of some of my usuual enthusiasm.

Or, it could be a classic case of  Spring Fever!  I always experience wanderlust at this time of year, when I catch a whiff of lilacs in bloom,  imagining boarding a plane bound for far away destinations!



  1. Those are a cute distraction Fox! Hope the move goes well. From the sound of it, you could potentially move much farther than you are currently anticipating if you give into the lure of the lilacs! That sounds like a good name for a smut book, "The Lure of the Lilac." (not that I ever read those)
    :) Ann

  2. Moving is debilitating in and of itself. And unpacking is even more of a thoughts are with you.

  3. If I were moving tomorrow I wouldn't have time to tat and post, I'd still be packing boxes :-)

  4. Hope the move goes well and that tHere are no major hiccups!!! So where are you moving too?

  5. I hope your move goes well, Fox. Soon you'll be settled in your new surroundings tatting to your hearts content.