Saturday, December 4, 2010


 I am so excited!  
I have created something  for tatters,   
at least for THIS tatter!  
I made one and have used it all week 
and it is EXACTLY what I have wanted for ages.  
I shall show you my brainwave on Sunday. 

In the interim, here is the little piece I tatted for a friend whose mom has passed away. 

#19 Motif Challenge
I slipped it into the condolence note that I sent her.  Though this may seem an odd thing to do, I felt that since her mother was quite elderly, a celebration of life for her could merit a small (tasteful, I think) tatted motif. Anyway, I sent it!

This is Jon's pattern; at least it was, till I saw that I had done 5 rather than 6 rings in the centre!   Oh, no!

I wanted to get the thing mailed so I took great liberties with the design and you can see what happened - the big ring at the top is not supposed to be there - but I rather like it!

Sharon's course must be working.  I seem to be getting bolder...


  1. You've made a very nice gift for your friend. It'll clean much better than the dried roses I have that my friend gave me when my Mom passed over four years ago. (they were fresh roses then) Looked at them today and thought I should toss them but didn't/couldn't. She'll be thankful for your kindness every time she sees it. I rather like the larger ring at top. Karen in OR

  2. Actually, I think it's a rather lovely keepsake; your friend will remember her mother every Christmas season, it is definitely appropriate for the occasion.
    So many secrets around at the moment - yours, Jane's, and also Liyarra's. Almost too much excitement to cope with! I love having all these surprises to look forward to.

  3. That's a lovely, thoughtful gift, Fox. I like the way you've changed some of the design elements to make it unique!

    There are so many surprises in Tat-land lately! Ho! Ho! Ho!

  4. Fox,
    You made it with love. The colors are very hoiday & it looks elegant! The person you sent it to will treasure it. Mistakes are blessings, that end up being for good. I think it's wonderfully done!

  5. It is a good idea for your friend, she will be comforted I thinks

  6. I think it was very considerate of you to send the tatting. And such a lovely piece, too. I thought that top ring was supposed to be like that, it looks good. It's great that you're getting more confidence with your tatting - look out world, here comes Fox's designs!

  7. Hey Fox, way to go! Your tat looks great, and what fun to see you 'ad-libbing'. Here's to getting bolder!

  8. I like it, and I think the larger ring at the top looks like it was supposed to be there! :)

  9. Whatever it is, I'm sure I want one, too. Looking forward to the big reveal.

    Btw, I think the motif is a great idea.