Sunday, December 5, 2010

Eureka - The TAT-PIC!

Cute?  Now a little history...Way back, I posted this:

Saturday, August 1, 2009

My New Very Best Friend....

Very sharp and to the point. Dependable. Strong. Trustworthy. Wouldn't want to get stuck doing an #80 thread project without it.

However, the needles kept breaking around the threading hole, and I also dropped them a lot and had trouble locating them while tatting.  They worked pretty well but were inconvenient.

I need a pick to un-tat as I have to do that endlessly and I often use a bobbin shuttle.

After finding shuttles I adore - LaCossette adorns the bland Aero into a tatting tool of fine beauty -  I found that using the hook on the end of those shuttles to un-tat  is really wreaking havoc with my fingers.  I kept thinking to myself that I should carry around an empty Clover just to un-tat...

Then, I got the brainwave:

This is what happened!

Honestly, it is a brilliant solution!  I cannot tat without it now.  Fits into my hand like it belongs there and doesn't split the thread like a pin or the end of the Aeros.

It is the perfect un-tat tool for those who use a bobbin shuttle -  if  I do say so myself!

 I am a very happy camper with my sweet, little invention!

afterthought:  I was thinking of selling  these and started to make some up, but good grief... THE STRESS!  I could not get the varnishing and bonding, to my liking; being a perfectionist, and not having a great attention span for the fiddly, this is just not going to work ...  I had to rethink the entrepreneurial aspect!


  1. WOW! That is a really cool arrival in your quest for the right tool. Very good, which # on the brain cell scale are you using? I could use one, also. LOL
    Seriously a really clever and handy (oh pun intended) idea.
    And priced right for those who have wished for such a tool.
    Good for you! I'm proud to be called your friend. :>)

  2. Want to hear something funny? - I don't like tatting with the bobbin shuttles with the hooks. I had one Aero and it snapped (I think you've seen it); I use that as my hook while I happily use my Clovers. Keep your hammer away from my Clovers!!! Suneeti

  3. Well that is a brilliant idea ad aren't you clever as well!

  4. Ingenious. It's so good when you solve a problem that you have. I use a very, very small, short crochet hook (which I buy from Georgia). They come with a 'header' plastic cap on the opposite end to the hook and there's a metal hanger thingy there too. Perhaps a hole to put a hanging loop through would be good for your new invention and then you could hang it from - well, whatever you like!!!! Good luck with selling them.

  5. I always carry a Clover shuttle with me just for that purpose. I would love to buy that blue one from you. Did you know blue is my favorite color? : )

    ...or maybe one of the new pastels ...or maybe you'll come up with a new idea ...or maybe I should stop thinking!

  6. SNAP!! What a brilliant idea, Fox! Those are really pretty too!

    Before I came to the part about you selling them I thought... oh, she could sell those! LOL

    Most of the shuttles I have are clover, and I agree, it is a great pick... but if they ever break, or I lose them, etc I'll give you a shout!

  7. That's kind of funny in a very clever way. Clovers are my working shuttles but even the points of those don't get all my stitches unpicked, especially in a finer thread, so I still use a straight pin or a needle to loosen it up a bit. I probably would not use this but I can see how it would be helpful with a bobbin shuttle. The fine crochet hook that is clipped to my blouse is size 14 and sometimes will do the trick too.

  8. I'm with Suneeti - put the hammer away before you come near my Clovers!

  9. clever Fox, you solved your problem. I do have a couple of clovers but never use them, except for teaching. but you never know, I might have to break one.

    thanks for the idea

  10. I love using my Clover shuttles with the tip and use it whenever possible. I also learnt tatting using a size 14 crochet hook for unpicking. Old habits are hard to break. But if this works for you, why not. I am just too sad to see any Clover shuttles hammered.