Monday, December 6, 2010

Blogging Milestone

I am stunned to see that tat-ology has had 100,000 hits.  Actually more, as I did not have the counter when I began the blog.  Not that it means much to myself or anyone else, but the number just sort of threw me  when I noticed it.

Like me, Miranda's Angels in the Snow motif  is just a wee bit off-kilter!  The story of my life - a different drummer and all that. Always been a bit of an outsider.  Not entirely a bad thing, just sometimes a little alienating. When I meet kindred spirits, which is not often, it is always such a joy. Here's to individuality!

The end result is the consequence of running out of thread, because I had two false starts destroying way too much  thread;  I ran out of the teal.  The thread was from an exchange - Altin Basak #50,  and there was not much of it to begin with, so the tatting was, in the first instance, a bit of a gamble.

But it works, I think!

Oh yes - an after thought: adding thread for me is a sheer horror!  I cannot do it neatly and I do not have a set method.  I have all the books and all the internet instruction, but a MONUMENTAL  block remains. (notice the word 'mental'  in that last descriptor?)  This is the next Everest and I am not good with heights!  I'm sore afraid!


  1. This could actually work really well as it is. Just put the different colored point at the top, and it becomes a design element. You can make sure it stays oriented correctly by adding a hanging loop. Just run a thread through the bead at the point and tie an overhand knot, and voila, an instant hanger-- and it will look like you meant to do that color change all along.

    As for adding thread, practice makes perfect. Look at all of the other tatting techniques that you thought were difficult to impossible when you first tried them, that you can now do perfectly.

    Congratulations on all those hits!

  2. Congratulations! And again, don't be so hard on yourself! Your work is great, and that's why people visit your blog so often.. when do you start believing that??... Maximized your picture to 400% and still did not see the "monumental" block you describe..
    Please continue your happy tatting...

  3. Well I think it's stupendous!

    I know how you feel about adding new thread - I have similar trouble and end up wasting some, every time.

    I would like to see more of these in the same arrangement as the one above (but different colors)!

  4. I noticed a bit ago while looking for something else that I had gone past 300,000. I knew it was approaching and debated on a giveaway but decided to wait for 500,000. I'm not hung up on numbers either. It was fun in the beginning but I tend to forget about it these days.

    I think your snowflake looks like it has a pink point on purpose - this is where you insert the hanging hook!

  5. Congratulations on your 100,000 viewing. I love reading blogs, the're so inspiring and it makes you feel part of a large family.
    Happy tatting

  6. Fox,
    It's ok that you play to a different beat of the drum. Just think how dull life would be if everyone went by the same beat. Our drum beat is kind of like fingerprints,,no two are alike. That's what makes us who we are. But when we get with others, we play great tunes together.
    Eventhough you ran out of thread, it still look amazing! It's one of a kind like you are! Plus it's well done too. So smile & be proud of your work. Enjoy the day & have fun creating today!

  7. as I looked at it, I could see a family around a table, and of course there is always an oddball at the table.
    as Miranda stated above, just put the hanger there and it will look like it belongs.

    looks good to me. and the colors all go together, very nice job matching those beads to those colors of thread.

    adding thread are not really all that difficult, it just takes practice.

  8. Excellent post as it hits home with many. I agree with Miranda...use the focal point and love it. We always have challenges and we always manage to accomplish our goals just as you will do. Love your tatting. Congratulations on the 100,000 + for that is amazing.

  9. It's no mystery that this milestone has occurred! Your blog is consistently informataive, entertaining, and filled with eye candy. You always strive to learn new techniques and experiment with new ideas, and aren't embarrassed to admit mistakes and frustrations! And you definitely have a talent for writing! Congratulations!

    I love the colors on this snowflake, and the beads look great, too. I'm sure you'll eventually overcome your 'mental block' of adding thread!

  10. Your Angels in the Snow is wonderful and the colours marry quite well! And congrat's on your milestone.

  11. That's a lot of people doing a lot of reading! Congrats!

    I love the way Angels in the Snow turned out. I agree with the others... put the pink at the top or the bottom and it's a wonderful design element!

  12. My tatting life was transformed earlier this year when Liyarra visited me and showed me how to deal with ends when you add thread! - (actually she was teaching the Magic Loop, but that didn't sink in and still hasn't!)
    You join your thread, in the case of a ring, and then simply and calmly follow the direction of the core thread - under/over - as you tat the first few stitches, with the new thread!
    It's so easy - and now I don't think twice about it.
    You will scale this next hurdle - and then, on to the next!

  13. Thank you all so much for your kind qords!

    Tattingrid, 400%!!! Gott im Himmel!

    Ladytats, Ah, that word 'oddball'. Indeed, that is what my family called me many a time!

    Lily, I too had the thought that it would be fun to have all the ponts a different colour - like Tatskool's 'Rainbow Brights' thread. But then, ...well... you read all the bits about adding thread.... :O

    Maureen, What do you MEAN, you join in the thread! Ha Ha! This is exactly my point! I have no idea what that means! : ))

    ♥♥ Thanks again, Everyone,
    Fox ; )

  14. Ahhh - JOINING - not getting rid of the ends!
    My preferred method is a simple weaver's knot, which does take a little fiddling and practice, if it isn't to slip out too much.
    Try it with really thick thread, there are Google sites - basically it's just a slip knot through which you poke the old thread, and then pull both ends until it "pops" - practice makes perfect.

  15. Congratulations, and I love the motif. It has a special charm.

  16. Thanks Maureen! I have looked at how to do the weaver's knot forever! I am really going apply myself to leaning it now. enough is enough!
    Fox : )

  17. Maureen! I did it! The Weaver's Knot "popped" and it is perfect! Thanks for the motivation!
    ♥Fox : )

  18. hello I like your frivolite and I am making a try(essay) to copy out to you the meme modéle with your instructions thank you still for your

  19. Congratulations on your 100,000 viewing. Your blog is very interesting. I love your works.