Tuesday, May 11, 2010

A Place Of Its Own

Yes, My tatting has a new place all its own.  Finally, a lovely little corner with a comfortable chair. And light.  A lot of light.

This apartment is bright and airy and a big change from the north-facing, sunless digs I have been in for the past five years.  I craved sunlight!  And moonlight!  Now, I have them both AND a corner just for  shuttles.

Even though I was moving, I managed one small project for a friend who is not well. Perfect pattern:
Vicki Clarke's Band-Aid Heart.

#15 Motif Challenge


  1. That's a wonderful tatting spot! I could spend hours there!

  2. I'm happy for you Fox! That's a LOVELY tatting spot. I'm the same, I love sunshine during the day and moonlight streaming in at night. The Band-Aide Heart is SO sweet! Hope it gives your friend a smile.
    :) Ann

  3. Such a lovely and restful spot to unwind (hee, hee, for you and your shuttles). That band-aid heart would also be a wonderful gift for persons who have lost family or friend. (Healing a wounded heart...)

    Enjoy settling in to your bright, cheery new digs!

  4. Your new tatting spot is lovely. I would love to have a spot like that. What a neat idea a "band-aide heart".
    I wish you many enjoyable hours in your new tatting spot and apartment.

  5. I just love your tatting corner, I could also spend hours there. I think I will have to find a corner of my own! Love your Band-Aide Heartit is pretty!!!!

  6. Many thanks for your visit and comment.
    good tatting!

  7. A warm and sunny welcome to your new home, hope you will be very happy in it.

  8. very comfy and bright looking.

  9. Thanks Everyone!

    I am enjoying the new place and settling in very nicely. Ahhh, time now for some tatting!

    ♥ ♥ Fox : )

  10. Welcome to your new home, looks like perfection.