Saturday, June 5, 2010

Firm, Flat and Fabulous!

I am so excited about the finished piece!  It is better than I had ever anticipated;  I am strutting  about, chest puffed out to there,  like a veritable peacock!

Thank you Vinnie, for such a great learning pattern.  (Spring Doily) I really have stretched with this one and feel so much more accomplished for having stuck with it.

The thread was Lizbeth #20, one that I had tucked away and never used.  It was terrific; shiny, smooth, well dyed and consistent - you just never know!

On to the more mundane...  Not tatting!

The Boss is going to be four years old next month, and her mom told me she is most upset as she has lost one  mitten of the pair that I made for her last winter.  I was instructed that  the best gift I could give her would be another pair if mitts, but they HAD to be pink AND blue.  The Boss' s newest fave.  Hmmm.

Well, I searched and found the perfect yarn. Here is her birthday gift:

 Not to worry - there are small tatted motifs stuck on the card, inside the balloons and on the inside of the card itself. Naturally.

The mitts are wrapped in pink tissue and folded into a small, pink and blue metal princess box.  Very cute!

The Boss's Little Brother, who just recently turned One, will receive a gift tomorrow; he shall have a new hat. As he has a gigantic head, he has outgrown all the hats I have made him! 

This kid is an astoundingly handsome little guy, if you can imagine Patrick Swayze as a baby! Sounds so bizarre, but I showed his pic to some colleagues at work and they agreed!  

Not such a bad thing...

Oh, I almost forgot.  I am in the midst of the border for Mini-Boss's socks.  I forgot to take a photo of her pink hat with the beaded trim before it was sent off to NYC..  This time I will try to get a pic of the finished socks.  They are so cute!

I feel amazingly free at the moment as I have finished all my projects;  am happy with them and wondering what of the long list of  'want to tat's to begin!  It is a lovely feeling.

I am going to seriously attempt to do just one thing at a time, as I get so stressed with too many going on simultaneously.  What is the good of stress, I ask you?

Let's see if I can keep it to one... or maybe two, or...  well....we'll see.



  1. WELL DONE! I am so proud of you! the doiley is a stunner.
    Love the new header.....and the mittens...and the hat...and the edging.

  2. Your doily is very pretty. I love the colours. I wish I could use those 3 words you used (firm flat and fabulous) to describe me. LOL
    Have a great weekend.

  3. Your doily is really gorgeous and the colour as well I would also be quite pleased if I did as well as you!!!!!! Those mittens are cute and the hat a real boys hat!!!!!!

  4. Very nice doily - very attractive! I'm curious about the 'name' or 'number' of that Lizbeth thread -I don't think I've seen it before.

    You're quite multi-talented - tatting, knitting, crocheting! Such cute mittens for The Boss! She'll really love those! Also a cute hat for her brother 'Patrick' (LOL).

    I'm glad to see someone else going 'over the top' in creating gifts and special cards and wrapping. Of course, I know many of us tatters do this! Others in the non-craft world often look at us as if we're crazy - and sometimes I think we are! I'm familiar with the stress involved, as I'm usually finishing something at the last minute. I always hope the glitter glue on the card will dry before I get to the event!

  5. Wonderful projects! Makes me want to tat or knit or crochet or sew or ...drool over the Swayze photo! Too many choices!

  6. You do such beautiful work! The doily looks great - nice and neat. The mittens are perfect, and that little hat is adorable - but my favorite of all is the socks. I am ready to try adding an edge to baby socks - but have no babies to do it for yet.

    One thing at a time? Ha ha. Never.

    And P.S. - Love the new header :)

  7. Gorgeous!Lovely colors and the!
    You make such beautiful things...

  8. Ooh, that doily is de-lovely. Practically perfect in every way (a very high rating, indeed!

    But I must agree with A Happy Bluebird that, as adorable as the mittens and Little Boss' Hat are, it is the baby socks that steal my heart away. And they aren't even finisihed yet.

    Well done, one and all! You crafty marvel, you.

  9. You did a great job on the doily Fox! I'm going to have to give the pattern a try. I know I have it saved somewhere.

    I told you that Lizbeth was a good thread. I'm betting that's some of the new stock. The way you describe the thread is exactly how all my Lizbeth has been. Is there the possibility of more Lizbeth in your future?

  10. Thank you all for your lovely comments and for te visit, and a BIG thank you to Is'Dihara, who has given me a much needed moniker for The Boss's Little Brother , which is a handful to type as well as to say!

    Henceforth, the little lad shall be known as Little Boss! Now I just need a name for the NYC brothers who vie for the attention of their Mini-Boss!

    ♥ Fox : )

  11. Howdy Stranger!
    That IS a fabulous job you did on the Spring Doily. Your perseverance really paid off! I also love your new header - great job on the clunies!

    The Boss's mittens and Little Boss's hat are SO SWEET! Love those little dinosaur buttons! Did you say you put tatting in balloons? That's an awesome idea!

    Mini-Boss may garner a new nickname when she wears those little socks - Twinkle Toes! As usual, you have nailed the perfect beads!

    :) Ann

  12. Ann, you made me laugh again! Nailed the perfect beads, you say? Naw, it's just that I have a gazillion to chose from! There are sure to be a couple in that stash that will do the trick!

    Glad you liked the buttons. Now THEY were the perfect find!
    Fox : ))

  13. The title of your post makes me think of an exercise video!! The projects are wonderful!!!