Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Fast Eddy

 There was a guy in high school - does everybody have one of these, a 'Fast Eddy"?  Well, everyone called him that and I don't even remember why.  His name flew into my mind as I realized this motif took only a few DAYS to finish.  Last time I did it it took almost a week!  Progress!

#8 Motif Challenge

I still had a lot of trouble with direction in this pattern.  I can't figure out which way one of the rings is supposed to go after the Shoelace Trick.  I didn't use the 'SL, but opted for two shuttles instead, and I got confused - not a difficult thing for me when tatting!

Needless to say, there was a lot of inflammatory language as I untatted a lot of very tiny rings....many times more than I would care to admit.

Sometimes it would be nice to have a real person to tat with, and share these annoying puzzles with.  sigh...

The thread colour is much lighter than the photo.  It was still wet from the blocking process when I took the pic; I couldn't wait for it to dry, so the colours appear saturated. They are quite pastel if you look at the previous post.

Thread Exchange Update:

Miranda left a comment yesterday:

I've got lots of threads to share, and you know I always want more. So how would the logistics of this thing work? Do we just post samples on our own blogs, or should there be a centralized website, or what? Centralized site might be better, just because so many people will want to do it that we can't possibly all keep up with each other's blogs.

And when you see something you like, do you just send an that person an e-mail letting them know what you've got to offer in exchange, and let them pick? I guess it would just have to be done on a first come, first served basis.

This sounds like fun. 

Great points, all.  Anyone else have any idea how this could work?  A central place is good but I don't know how we could do that.  Maybe like Sharon with the 25 Motif Challenge, there could be a blog that is maintained by someone or a few people and .... help me out here;  logistics are not my forte!



  1. Well I think your motif is really sweet what was the colour thread that you used!!!!

  2. Yes, what is that thread!? A centralized location like a blog I think would be an excellent idea. I know I would love to take place in such thread exchanges, as I don't like buying a whole ball only to find out I don't like the color. This would give the chance to trade someone for a small amount of something they have in their stash that I'd like to try, and visa versa.

  3. Your motif looks sensational! Great job! :)

  4. Thanks! The thread is 'Summer - something' by Lizbeth. #20. I don't think I ever knew the name!

  5. Is'Dihara called it 'Summer Fun'. There you go.