Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Online Thread Exchange? What About It?

Tickled Pink

 #7 Motif Challenge

I cannot follow instructions. I cannot follow instructions. I cannot follow instructions.  There. I have finally admitted it.  Hopeless.  I repeat the same errors over and over.

It would be embarraassing to tell you how many re-tats I had to do here - BIG ones.  Lots and lots of un-tatting of rings.  Very frustrating to un-tat and then repeat the same blasted error! 

Call me stubborn, pig-headed or incorrigible, but I do have one excuse.  I am a Taurus.  The Bull.  Raging Bull...

But in the end they lived happily ever after.  I like the heart.  However, I am tired of that pattern now, so on to he next one.


I was thinking about all the threads that we all have that we will never use, for whatever reason.  Here is my idea.

We could agree upon a length and wind that length on those small while thread holders that come in plastic and are quite  inexpensive.  You seem to get a lot ina package.
Then we could post them online and people could trade them.  Like Baseball Cards, but so much better!  The cost would be in the postage - but thread is light and one or two couldn't cost that much... I don't think.  I am just brainstorming here.  What do you think?
An Online Thread Exchange?  With Standardized Packets of Thread??  

"It's so crazy, it just might work", she thought.



  1. I kinda like the idea of a thread trade! I'm thinking I may go home and take a look at what I have and what I'm willing to part with/share. I do have quite a bit that is inherited and so I have no idea of colors, makers, or size of thread. However, the ladies I inherited from would probably love it if someone would cherish the thread and use it.

  2. Instructions!?! Who needs instructions...that's just a myth made up by pattern makers to line their pockets with lots of gold! LOL!
    Sigh, I can't follow instructions either. Must be my dad's influence.
    Online thread trade sounds neat.

  3. I'm a Taurus too! (having a bit of DejaVu typing that, so you probably already knew)

    The heart is GORGEOUS! Beautiful job on a tough pattern. And yeah, it takes time to forget the labor pains and want to make another. :)

    I think a thread exchange is a fun idea! Most of the problems I have with my thread are not being keen on the color any longer. I run hot and cold that way. I like the card idea (happen to have a bazillion of them). It'd be a way to preview other threads or colors.

    :) Ann

  4. Good for you in finishing the heart! It looks wonderful!

  5. I LOVE that heart!
    I am drawn to the bright beauty of it.
    Have a great day! :)

  6. Fox, I love the idea of a thread trade, but I afraid I don't have to much... (I have been tatting since March...)
    The pink heart is goergous!

  7. How about ten yard lengths? I have purchased some of those little plastic bobbins for just such an occasion. I really would like to try some Oren Bayen, and Altin Basak threads. (I know I probably spelled them incorrectly). I have an extra skein of one of Karey Solomons hand dyed thread I can use for trades. Interested?

  8. Well what do you know I am also a Taurus. And I think that a thread exchange would be a great idea I would be interested.And that pink heart is really lovely!!!!

  9. Hi
    Great idea the thread thing. I'm very slow to mail things so I probably wouldn't participate as most people aren't fond of waiting for things to be shipped.
    I do have a question though, I love the cluny motif at the top of the blog. Did you design it or is it someone else's design. Your choice of color is yummy. Thanks

  10. The thread trading is a wonderful idea. Sometimes I want to try a new thread or a color but don't want to buy the whole ball. This way, it will be very economical and I can get rid of some of my stash and get stash from others.

  11. Thanks everyone! Next post is about The Thread Exchange...

    Connie - Check out the Cluny post on May 31... all the info there.... The Google finder at the top of this blog, under the header si for this type of question readers may have and is very useful, as I have used it to search on other peoples' blogs!
    Fox : )

  12. Oh, will you accept foreigners...I would love to join in, but I am in Europe?
    (I am having troubles with following patterns, too. When I finally get home from looking after my friend's dog I'll show you what I mean.)

  13. Snowy,
    There is no accepting necessary as this is not anyone's thing! This was just am idea I had and we all have to work out how we can make it work in the best way possible. Read the comments after my next blog post; it might become more clear

    The two people involved in the trade would have to agree to the postage part, and that is up to the individual. You might find a trading partner in Europe, for instance or in Russia or whatever!
    Fox : )