Tuesday, June 8, 2010

'Just Walk Away' is Working Wonders

 My experiment is working.

Nearly done -  Motif Challenge #5

When things get tough , I now just drop that shuttle like a hot you-know -what and tat something else.  Something fun.

Jon's covered rings were intimidating me, so I banished them. Then, suddenly I felt I was ready give it a go once again.

This is nearly done and it has taken very little time at all.  Lots of blunders, but I know exactly what they are and how to fix them. The next covered ring will be brilliant!



  1. Awesome, Fox! The colors you have picked are brilliant! It's funny how mistakes that you know how to fix don't really affect your psyche - you just brush 'em off with a "Yeah, yeah I'll get to you later."

    I haven't figured out the ring thing yet, but not for lack of trying!!!

    Glad "Just Walk Away" is working!

    Your friend who WISHES she had the gift of alliteration that YOU do!
    Ann :)

  2. I think this one is wonderful just how you have done it. Sometimes one needs to just breath put something down & just breath. Not stress over it & things work out so much better due to we are more relaxed. I do enjoy looking at your work alot.

  3. I love the beads! You have achieved so much in your tatting, I remember when you started - I enjoy seeing your projects! And I thought the baby socks were very sweet.

  4. I like that you are now thinking...trial one first, to find out how it works...then tat a GOOD one. Works for me.