Monday, June 14, 2010

An Ascetic Falters in Times of Austerity

 ...and buys this AMAZING book!

Book lust. I saw this at the Tat'n Chat and was instantly captivated.  "Come to me, precious, little book," I was heard to murmur. What's a girl to do?

This  book is absolutely a necessary addition to my tatting library, even though I promised I would be frugal. My loss is Deb's gain over at  DS9Designs! So much for promises.

Who has posted tatting from this book?  I would love to see some squares tatted up.

I have another confession. 

See that pretty blue shuttle.  It's new.  Right after the Tat'n Chat, after I watched Susan tat with her lovely plastic blue shuttle from Zeller's that cost just over $3.00, I figured I could detour on the way home; after all, the cost of the shuttle is less than a couple of cups of java! Ah, self-indulgence!

It is interesting to me, that I got so mesmerized by watching someone else tat.  Her hand motions and the way her thread was manipulated through the shuttle - I could not tear my eyes away!  Somehow there is the thought that if I had a shuttle like Susan's, I would be able to emulate her hand movements and would become as elegant a tatter as she!  What is THAT all about!

Often, when I have had only a book in my hands, I have been somewhere and watched a woman knitting.  At these times, my palms actually would begin to itch;  I could hardly wait to get home to break out the needles!

Anyway, I bought three of these little beauties and am enjoying them a lot - not as much as my Pop-a-Bobbins by a long-shot, but they are really nice to tat with!  I do not like Aeros one bit, but these cheapy bobbin shuttles  I love.  Go figure.

This is the mess I have created trying to tat like Gina.

This is GINA's  tatting, NOT MINE!

Is it not a thing of beauty?

This is my goal. Gina certainly was spot on when she said that this Iris pattern is a "bear" to tat.  It is. 

I am so afraid I will run out of these wonderful supplies - my favourite pink dollar-store beads that I cannot find anywhere, and the last of  Heather's pink and white HDT.

I am not a believer in tatting with thread you do not care about the first time you try a pattern.  If I use stuff I like a lot, I am apt to be more careful.  I just make sure there is enough for the second go that I know I ALWAYS  have to do!

When I advise customers about yarn for their knitting or crochet projects, I always suggest that they purchase yarn they love; otherwise one could get bored or fed up when things don't go as planned, which is all the time.

Using fibre one loves, I find keeps the soul nourished, and even though there are mistakes and the finished item may be less than anticipated, it is still cherished.  That's my story!

Gotta go and work on that heart...

Oh, almost forgot.... Head over to Sherry's blog for a terrific giveaway!  She must be feeling better!  Yahooo!



  1. I haven't blogged anything from that book yet. However, if you go to the photos section of the Here-Be-Tatters list, and go to my folder (cleverly named "Miranda's Stuff"), you'll see a couple of pics of a WIP using one of the motifs from the book. It's the motif that Iris herself designed, and I'm (slowly) joining them together to make the traditional Double Irish Chain quilt pattern.

    I totally agree about using threads you love.

  2. Thanks, Miranda, I 'm going over there right now!♥

  3. The cover of the book alone would make most of us drool. Those are some lovely square motifs. As to fiber, I so agree. I must love the color and the texture or what is the point! My youngest DD was just telling me yesterday that I need to get rid of those threads I've held onto for years which I will NEVER use. They take up valuable space in my stash. She also said I should buy some new thread. Love that girl!

  4. Eliz,
    Smart girl! Her cupboards will ever be neat and uncluttered!

    I have trouble getting rid of those threads I will never use. I'll bet we all do. I think I will put this out in the next post; a giant thread exchange can come to Tat-land!
    Fox : )

  5. That book looks quite interesting, and I love the thread and new shuttle, when do we have enough shuttles? Oh love your new look blog as well!!!!

  6. Thank you, TypsTatting!
    I cannot wait to get that book. I just loved the designs, but I know they will be, shall we say. a tad difficult, as only Iris's patterns can be!

    Glad you like the new format. I can never leave it alone ... A.D.D. personified over here!
    Fox : )

  7. I so totally relate to what you have said about emulating someone's style and work. I once bought a brand new piano because I thought I would be able to play it. How was I going to learn? osmosis I suppose. Happy tatting...

  8. Hi Fox!
    I have looked at that book SO MANY TIMES on the Handy Hands website! I will look forward to hearing your take on it.

    I think you are right about the threads also. It has crossed my mind as I worked on a motif (with success) in a thread which I didn't really care for, "What if I finish this thing with no mistakes? I'll have wasted ALL THIS TIME because I'm STILL not diggin' this thread!" And yes, I do speak in slang terms in my head. :)))
    :) Ann

  9. Creatology,

    LOL!!! At least I can buy shuttles for under a fin! A piano? That's hilarious!
    Fox : ))

  10. Hi Ann,
    I am so excited about it - I will definitely let you know!
    Fox : )

  11. You have me wanting the book as well. Please start tatting and posting from the book. My birthday cometh......

  12. For Shame, tempting one with an Affinity towards failure when it comes to resisting a good book! (sigh) But then, I justify my NOT buying it (aside from price) by realizing that I probably would not be successful at the patterns. LOL
    I'm drawn to square motifs. The one time I attempted a motif design (and soon decided, designing was not for me) it was a square. I still like the concept; but it faltered at execution. Too many stitches made the pattern looked 'bunched' up...(sigh)
    I hope I don't submit to temptation this time~
    xx bj

  13. I have the book but sadly, I have not tatted anything from it, :(
    Regarding using quality thread first time round, I would do that if I am working on someone else' pattern. However, when I do tryouts for my designs I will use the I-don't-like-this thread. That way, I won't think twice about cutting and starting over if the designs don't work.

  14. Hello, Fox. I, too, fell in love with that book. I have posted two of the squares in my blog, on April 8th 2008 and April 13th 2009. (In case you wanted a look!)
    I did find the designs quite challenging, but very rewarding. It is difficult when you make a mistake on the third or fourth square and have to cut it out that you can feel like sobbing. I look forward to seeing which one you choose.
    I agree about using thread...if it goes wrong tant pis, but if it goes right with boring thread you don't always feel like doing it again, so it stays in boring thread.