Thursday, June 10, 2010

Ah, Iris!

There is one more round to go on this. It is a good exercise to keep me busy while I figure out what I want to do now...  The Dragon?

The thread? One of the dear Dr. Von Threadmore's earlier enterprises. Pretty isn't it?  The pattern is a freebie from Iris Niebach's site.

Never have used those, what are they called - bugle beads? -  before.  I didn't think I would ever use them, as they seemed sort of clunky, but I must admit I rather like the look of them. Glad I broke through that little barrier!  Everything in its place, I suppose, and, of course, moderation is a must!

I would do well to remember that.



  1. That's pretty Fox! I like the hearts in the middle. Happy you have embraced the bugle bead. I've always kind of liked them. My mom's wedding cap had bugle beads embroidered all over it. It looked pretty.
    :) Ann

  2. Hi, Ann,
    So, it IS 'bugle,' bead, is it? Thanks!
    Fox : )