Friday, June 11, 2010


Done.Whew. That was NOT a fun tat, but it was a terrific first attempt even though I had to un-tat a gazillion mistakes.  Had to cut out two huge sections; this heart almost broke mine!

Iris Niebach's Freebie

This is a beautiful pattern that needs to be tatted in non-variegated thread, I think.  Two colours?  Okay, but I think the design gets lost in the severe colour changes and contrast. This is another pattern I must do a second time.  I think the outcome will be much better.

If I weren't so stubborn about adding the beads to everything, life would be far simpler.  When on earth did this happen?  Me and beads - such an unlikely duo, and yet it is the love affair of the century!  No kidding!  I cannot seem to do anything these days with out adding the blasted bling.



  1. You did a great job on this motif. I like adding beads, but find the forethought that it takes intimidating. I think you are right about a solid color showcasing the pattern better. I think it will also let the bling stand out more.

    Ring-a-Ding-Ding, Fox Has Bling!
    :) Ann (the apparent Sinatra fan)

  2. Well, it shows that sticking with it ended up turning out pretty & the beads match the whole thing, shape & thread. It looks amazing!

  3. Cute heart, but I agree about the variegated thread. A solid color or two solid colors would definitely look better.

    Since you love to add beads to everything, why not put the bead on the core thread? That way you could just slide one or a cluster of beads in place instead of adding to the joins. I think they look gorgeous that way.

  4. Blasted Bling...Fox, you are too funny...! I love it that you use beads...I love them too! I think that your tatting is perfect just as it is, but I think I may 'know you' already...and you WILL do it again...just so you know. It is beautifully tatted, as always. Your double stitches are so EVEN!! Every picot is like every're amazing!

  5. Yeah, what Jane said! LOL! Beads add sparkle like nothing else can.

    Your heart motif looks grand. I'd love to see it done in a solid color.

    But Krystledawne's HDT is marvelous, rich and quite romantic-looking. It was a logical choice for a heart project.

  6. I agree the design does get a little lost, but it's very Queen of Hearts!