Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Sometimes You Just Have To Walk Away

 Vinnie's Spring Doily Re-Visited

Wasn't it Rosanna Rosannadanna who said, "It just goes to show you,"? Well, a month ago I could not figure this pattern out at all.  I kept going the wrong way, using the wrong shuttle - you know. Now, I have even added beads and did that whole repeat in an hour.  It just goes to show you.

Sometimes you just have to walk away -  leave whatever it is that you cannot figure out and trust that your muscle memory or indeed, your brain, is diligently labouring behind-the scenes, hard at work, preparing you for the next more successful attempt.

Call me the eternal optimist, but I really believe this; Vinnie's Spring Doily pattern demonstrates to me that my theory is still working. I am liking the look of this.

Ask me tomorrow... : ))



  1. I SOooo agree! Once in a while I've got to remind myself this is supposed to be relaxing. Recently my focus has been all over the place and I have had to do a bunch of picking....ugh! Walk away! Return and take a deep breath..has been my motto.
    Hope your day is grand!

  2. Wow! I'm jumping with joy.
    Waiting impatiently for more!