Wednesday, June 16, 2010

The Thread Exchange

This is how I envision the posts of the thread someone would want to trade.  This is the 'trading card"  thread. Everyone would have the same amount wound, that we agree on and then they post the pic and people can bargain for the thread with their offerings. I only have a bit wrapped on this plastic.  I think there should be more thread on there to make it worthwhile. Paula C suggests 10 yards.  ???

 Just a small aside here, as this is an odd, or not so odd, coincidence.  While at work yesterday, I picked up some yarn  - really OLD stuff that I have had in my line of vision for about a decade, and thought that it would make great socks for The Boss....

When I came home last night and saw what I was tatting and compared it to the 'new' yarn I was playing around with,  I saw this:


Love this motif by Karey Solomon.
Love my new bejewelled shuttle!



  1. Somehow, I don't think it was a coincidence that those colors popped up together on your radar. There must be something to "Summer" colorways.

    "Summer Fun" isn't what I would think of first for a summer colorway, but it does remind me of ice cream. Or maybe snow cones.

    I'm sure the white spaces were necessary -- can't go from green to purple or blue to pink with dye. (Remember the color wheel?)

    I keep wanting to pair it up with solid white, but then, the colors might look like confetti splotches. Wouldn't that be unfortunate?

    Thanks for sharing this summery juxtaposition. It actually makes me feel better about "Summer Fun."

    Stay cool and tat on!

  2. Hey, Is'Dihara!
    Thanks for that! I never considered the colour wheel in that it confounds me - more than the f-stops on my camera ever did. The actual rules of colour and the sprogression of the spectrum eludes me completely, ( and I used to work with printers at a magazine ALL the time!) but when I read your post, I realized why there allthe white spaces. I feel better about Summer Fun now too!
    Fox : ) ♥

  3. There are colors that make us feel good and so we're attracted to them, singly and in combinations. I find myself buying threads from different manufacturers that are very similar and wonder why I've bought even more of "that". Very pretty combo there.

  4. I've got lots of threads to share, and you know I always want more. So how would the logistics of this thing work? Do we just post samples on our own blogs, or should there be a centralized website, or what? Centralized site might be better, just because so many people will want to do it that we can't possibly all keep up with each other's blogs.

    And when you see something you like, do you just send an that person an e-mail letting them know what you've got to offer in exchange, and let them pick? I guess it would just have to be done on a first come, first served basis.

    This sounds like fun.

  5. I love the motif and the color of the thread! It's just beautiful! :)

  6. Who would have thought that the motif and yarn are nearly the same colour!!!