Saturday, June 12, 2010

Gina Made Me Do It

Yah - it's all Gina's fault.  In the past, she tatted the Iris heart in pale pink with masses of beads and is it ever pretty!  If she gives me permission to post the photo, I will show you that marvellous piece! Placed next to my heart, one would not know it is even the same pattern

So, with Gina's heart as challenge and also inspiration, I have begun the second Iris heart:

 That thread is Heathers hand-dyed.  Isn't it a great pink?

Fringe Element Tatters had fun today...

I had a great time today at a Tat'n Chat with members of the Fringe Element Tatters.  This was an unexpected treat. One of the women from this tatting group in Toronto  had about ten of us to her home for several entertaining hour - lots of talk, tatting, laughter and tempting food stuffs. 

Another of the women there is a lace tatter of the other kind- you know, with all those crazy, dangling bobbins. And pins, pins pins everywhere!  I do not know how she does it. Her work is astounding!

Elisadusud Homework...
coming along nicely....

(Growl,  GROWL,  those split chains.....)

Gotta go now; pink beads are beckoning!


  1. can actually see the BLUR in that tatting collage. Somebody had to have a fast shutter on their camera, I'm thinking!
    (and I can't remember if I did the word verfication on comment before this!)

  2. practice, practice, practice. i love the top picture.

  3. Gina - You have a good eye! That's my Canon - my pride and joy! What a lens! : ))

  4. Hey Fox!
    This heart if off to a VERY pretty start! Your clunies are looking GREAT! Sounds like a nice afternoon and I'm thinking it is showing in your tatting. I can't help but wonder how one TRANSPORTS bobbin lace. And here I think a couple shuttles are hard to keep track of. It is beautiful stuff though!
    :) Ann

  5. I think your heart is pretty cant wait to see it finished

  6. Very beautiful works! I love cluny leaves, but they are not easy to do.

  7. You know you've inspired me to finally tackle clunys? Your new photo at the top is so pretty - and that link to Elisadusud's video is *really* useful. So, umm, thank you :)

  8. Ann, You are so right! Just looking at all those pins made me break out in hives. And shudder! I do not know how she does it.
    ♥ : )

    Thanks, Carla. Yes, they are very challenging!

    Hi occasionalcrafter,
    You go! I am so glad you are going to tackle the clunies! Misery loves company! Yes, those videos are very helpful. I have watched them over and over!
    Fox : )

  9. Wow, what a wonderful post! I keep scrolling back up to re-read it and gaze at the lovely lace photos. You must have had a heavenly day!

  10. I'm just learning bobbin lace and I wish I had a pricking of that pattern - It's lovely!

  11. I discovered your blog yesterday evening, and spend part of the wee morning hours to read it (thanks insomnia).
    I am living in Victoria, BC, Canada, for the last three years, although I am French (from the countryside near Lyon). I started tatting a few days ago. :)
    The picture you posted about this lady who is lace tatting "the other way" reminded me of the two " carreaux " (the stand to work the lace on) that my mom has at home. That something I would have liked to learn (I even bought a book on it) but it seems quite complicated and certainly not easy to travel with. In French, this kind of lace tatting is called " dentelle aux fuseaux ", and the dentelle from the region of the city named Puy was very famous.

    1. Hi Claire,
      Love that you have found my blog and are reading it! Thanks for the comments.
      Fox : )