Wednesday, June 23, 2010


Perhaps I can cast blame: Is'Dihara.
Her work of this pattern drove me to it.

It  was what I was working on when bad fortune struck.

tat-ology or klutz-o-matic?

I was having problems with that pesky picot that would not keep itself straight.  I have sent off the instructions about how to tat a picot that does not twist to a million and six  people, yet here I am - twisting the damned thing out of its very  existence and stabbing myself very nicely to boot. *sigh*

As if all the blood wasn't enough - and there was a goodly amount this time, as I am now adept at pulling and twisting  immediately, but only if I sweat profusely and utter little, whiny, moaning noises - I had to keep tatting, and  (see that little tuft of white at the end of the bandage) proceeded to stab myself through the bandage, pulling out that bit of material.  Oh, my. It is still throbbing.  This was a 'real doozy', as my Gram used to say.

 Next up:
How Sally has interfered with my life as a photographer.  
My eyes have mutinied. 
This is what they saw today through the lens.
In an art gallery, no less!

( a fine example of her influence )

Would this not make a couple of sensational Pop-A-Bobbins?



  1. Oh Fox!!!! you really are in the wars? Hope you finger gets better soon!

  2. OWWWIE I have stabbed myself with the hooks before and I know that hurts...
    Maybe just maybe you should use rubber cement over the bandaid rubber would cause the hook to bounce and cement wouldn't let it through, hee hee bad humor its early, i'm tired and hot lol
    Hope that gets better soon I think we need to take your hooks away ALL of them and replace them with some sort of plastic ;) lol

  3. You know, I used to do that a lot. Just realized I haven't stabbed myself in a long time. Did I change something I did, or am I just not tatting enough? LOL! I remember the secondary stabs too, and for awhile, I wore my quilting thimble to protect my finger.

    We'll blame yours on the excitement of going to NY soon!

  4. Yes, when I was first learning to tat, I was not warned of the potential dangers associated with the art. They were rarer in the beginning. Experience has made me more determined. "I WILL get that knot out rather than start over!" "I WILL make a join there even though I failed to make a picot and my stitches are so tight that they seem fused!" You get the picture. I keep a bottle of that liquid bandage stuff close by for the 'occasional' mishap.

  5. There should be a warning to all who tat "this could be dangerous don't do it at home!" As for the picture of the wood, fabulous, how many shuttles could be made out of that little/big beauty? If you are becoming like me then its a case of seeing a log of wood and I wanting it, I do it all the time, its a case of "lock up your wood!"

  6. I sometimes stab myself if I am rushing. I agree with Gina, the excitement of going to NY may have contribute to your mishap. Take care!!!

  7. I did just think of something I do differently. If it's a tight stitch, I get a regular needle or straight pin and work it under the bar of the stitch enough to make room for the hook. It stretches it just enough that I don't have to force the hook through and then overshoot and snag flesh! We won't say how many years it took me to start doing that on a regular basis.

  8. Thanks, Everyone, for your comments about my, hmmm... episode with the shuttle. I have decided to leave the hook to The Captain and use the Clovers for a while, in spite of your excellent suggestion, Gina, which I will apply when I have a very tight knot. Good idea.
    Fox : )

  9. Gina, without knowing, has avenged me! And I will share my story with you.

    My tatting pal, Sw4nkyL4c3r, teases me often that I "obsess" over my tatting. It is because I pick out stitches using a straight pin.

    I also use the straight pin to "prime" the picots that are very, very small or stitches where I want to join and have failed to tat in a joining picot ahead of time.

    Thank you, Gina! I feel so much better knowing that someone else does the same thing.