Saturday, June 19, 2010

Getting The Hang of It

 Brother #1 has a little brother.  Little Brother is a BIG fan of Shrek.
For now, his favourite colour  - you guessed it - is  GREEN.

This one's for you, Little Brother!

#10 Motif Challenge

Thank you Jon!  I have the 'hang' of it now!



  1. These look like wonderful embellished ornaments. The beads really add to the finished result. Happy creating...

  2. Wow they look great!!! I have not tried tatting with plastic ring yet. I know Jon posted a way to do them for needle tatters but with out a fabric store in town anymore I can`t find the rings. Maybe my next trip north to Peterborough I`ll have to look then. I like Shrek green too!!!

  3. Thank you! These are for the kids. I am working now on one for my big girl, mom to three of the five grans! : )

  4. Hi Tatfully Yours!
    I am on my way right now to MacFab - fabric store on Queen Street, looking for the rings.

    I have found them there before; not quite as large as Jon's that you get with the book, but VERY close.

    I think you could find them in a good fabric store - but what do I know? I don't sew!

  5. they are really lovely ! I have to learn to tat on rings...

  6. That green version is my favorite! With this "amber" beads it looks like pendant for forest elf :)

    PS. In Poland plastic rings are called "rings for lingerie", and you can buy them in stores with accessories for the tailors.

  7. Thanks, Marta,
    I will check that out. I like the reference to 'forest elf'! Like a Leprechaun!