Friday, June 18, 2010

For My Dreamer, Brother #1

My eldest gran,  Brother #1, is the little guy ,who at four, wanted to have his own tatted snowflake.

If you recall, I was in NYC, tatting a gift for someone or other when Brother #1 saw it and was fascinated.  He asked me to give the motif to him and so I did.  He still has it a year and a half  later.

#9 Motif Challenge

This is for him.  His very favourite colour is blue.

I hope he likes it!


p.s.  I got the twisted thread thing happening here!
Thank you for all the help when I had the questions :  )


  1. It's pretty tatting like that that makes me want a Christmas tree! LOL. (Gives me a thought: If I can manage to make things like snowflakes by then --and still have a roof over my head and can buy thread by then, then maybe I'll put up a small one this year. LOL). I'm a "theme person" so it'd have to be all tatted decorations and a set color scheme and...Is is December yet? LOL.

    He's a lucky little boy!

    -Stephanie Grace

  2. Glad you like the change, Tatskool! ♥

  3. Stephanie Grace,
    Thanks for the visit! Keep planning!

  4. Good job on this - it looks good. I hope my grandsons will like my tatting when they're old enough (1 yr might be a little young yet!)