Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Counting Down The Hours

Maebh ponders the 34 names to be entered in 
a random number generator tomorrow morning...

This came out all right and was a lot of fun to tat.  I think I will make a lot more!  I would like to put a tail on the next ones, but am baffled as to how everybody twists those things.  Opposite directions each colour, right?  Is there a trick to it?  It is a simple, not tatted, twisted  tail I am talking about.  Surely, it cannot be brain surgery! Anybody?

There are lots of patterns in Jon's book and I am eager to try more of them.  Thanks, Jon!

Remember I was rattling on about new bsiness cards to promote tatting and - well, let's be honest -  my blog?

I have been handing them out left right and centre at work, and decided to put one up in the shop with an example of tatting attached. 

This is what I put on the mirror that is right by the entrance to the shop. My boss thought it was a fine idea!  (The pile of little flower do-dads is there to obfuscate my personal data.  They are NOT part of the card!)

Now I am worried that the motif will disappear.  There it sat, languishing in a box in my cupboard, and then it finally had a great purpose and a true  reason to BE. Now, here I am fretting that it will be stolen! (Oh no!  Not the motif done in Tatskool's gorgeous 'Rainbow Bright' HDT!)

I can't win.

Ah, the challenges of displaying one's artful endeavours!

See you all tomorrow!
wishes you all
bonne chance!



  1. Is Maebh consulting with the Buddha for tomorrow's drawing?

  2. I am color crazy and I just love that awesome motif!!! My daughter saw it too and she loves it too! :)

  3. I think your Motif it came out really well and I love the idea of your business cards.

  4. Gorgeous thread on your business card! I have trouble with tails too, so I stick to tassels on bookmarks - I'll be watching for a helpful reply on your blog!

  5. A "twisted tail" makes me think of the way I used to make dog pull toys out of yarn. I don't know if this is what you mean...but:

    1-Loop the thread into an oval about 1/2 as thick as you want the tail to be and about 3 times longer.
    2-Place one end of loop over something stationary, like a furniture knob, take the other end and start twisting (a pencil or dowel is really helpful).
    3-Keep twisting until you can bring the twisting end to the stationary end and the rest of the thread wraps around itself (so it looks like a rope).
    4-The ends can be secured with an overhand knot or use another piece of string to tie them together.

    I hope I have described this well enough...but it may not be what you meant. I used to use synthetic yarn and make thick "ropes" for tug-of-wars. The really neat thing was that they could be put in the washer and drier when they got dirty (very, very often!).

  6. If I want a tail, but not a tassle, I usually tat a chain and add a smaller motif to the end. I've been considering some other options. One is Judy in Greeley, CO, suggestion for a book thong with beads at the opposite end from the tatting. The other involves alternating colored sections of unflipped knots over a core thread. Is that called a Maltese chain?

  7. Hi Fox.
    Having a little trouble with my fingers tonight. As I near completion of my message to you...everything disappears...good thing I am not tatting right now...what would happen then?
    Finally, you ask a question about which I actually know something...LOL! I am truly an embroiderer --tatting is 'new'-- but we embroiderers make twisted cording all the time!
    I have really good instructions (in the form of a Word document) that describes how to make two- and three- colour cording, as well as instructions to make a type of twisted-cord fringe I made for the edges of a shawl.
    I can email them to you, but how and where?
    My email address is rlobirek(at)mts(dot)net.
    Let me know if I can, for once, be of help to you...!

  8. I like your new business cards, and I like the idea of your motif hanging off of it.

    I hope Maebh has a wonderful time rummaging threw the 34 names to find a winner.

    Have I told you yet, that I like your new header artwork, clunies no less, beautiful!

  9. Hi Fox

    When I make tales I do Josephine Chain (all stitches are just the first half of a ds or the last half) or Victorian Sets (ex. 10 first half stitches/then 10 last half of stitches) you can change the number but do make them the same!! Hope this works. Can not wait to see who wins!!!

  10. Leanna, I tried to email you but it seems the address is not working! If you read this, please send me an email, (see my profile) and I will respond to yours. Thanks,
    Fox : )

  11. Thanks, Tatfully Yours,
    Yes, these are terrific and I do use them often, throwing the shuttle from side to side, after about 5 half ds, but I am really trying to figure out the simple two-colour twisted thing!
    Fox the Foxed : )

  12. Stringy Dogs,
    Thanks so much, but this is not the one I am after - too thick! I want two strands twisted tightly together, and not unravelling, not four.
    Fox : )

  13. Love the contrast of the royal blue beads on the white! Cords....Lily Morales showed us how to make this kind of cord with a gadget that I actually bought and forget how to use! I've also done it by hand though. Hope you got the instructions from Leanna. I was going to email her myself til you said the email didn't work. You could probably search either google or youtube also. I know it's two colors that are twisted tight and then allowed to twist upon each other falling into a natural spiral but I don't remember the lengths - and they are then doubled & quadrupled if I remember right.

  14. Jeepers the motif on your card looks GORGEOUS..but then I am biased....must make one for myself!
    Maebh is soooh photogenic...she must have been to modelling academy! She seems to have friends in high places.

  15. Tatskool, OHM My, I'm glad you noticed. : ))
    Fox ♥