Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Touring Toronto with Feargal and Maebh

 After an early morning conference with The Cat,

Feargal and Maebh were ready to head out to see the sights of Toronto. (Notice Maebh's  money in her LEFT hand, true to her non-conformist nature. She is well named for a great, warrior queen!)

The car they rode in was well-appointed;  they were pleased to see a bit of glitter and green hanging appropriately from the rear-view mirror.

"Canadians do not appear to be overly ignorant,"  Maebh was heard to mutter under her breath as she admired the motif.

The driver insisted they experience a true, Canadian custom - hot, brewed "Timmies" coffee.

They loved it and had two cups each. Feargal swiped a maple doughnut  from a small child whose parents chastised the sniffling boy for eating his treat too fast.

Marbh observantly noticed the InTatters emblem attached to  the driver's key-chain. "Tatters," she crowed. "We're everywhere!"

Canada has only one castle in the entire country - CASA LOMA - and it is in Toronto.  Maebh wanted to move in, and was almost inconsolable when informed that the castle was just for show - no one actually lived there.  In fact, no one has ever lived there - but that is another story for another day.

Maebh's disappointment turned almost immediately to rage. Feargal was forced to extricate her from the fallen gate that she tumbled into during her tantrum.  A few tourists looked on in horror as she hollered her displeasure.

When calm reigned once more, the two leprechauns befriended Kim and Camilla, who enjoyed the view of the castle with them.

Maebh was taken with Camilla's beautiful black hair and made an appointment with a a local stylist.  Discreetly, Feargal phoned a while later and cancelled.

Next stop: the CN Tower. This edifice makes Toronto recognizable to the average globetrotter.

Right in front of the tower, the Leps had a dreadful argument,  with a lot of arm waving and unspeakably foul language, in Gaelic, so luckily no one could understand.

Maebh was determined to take the trip to the top of the building, but  had forgotten her mate's fear of heights.  Feargal maintained unfalteringly that he was merely very hungry and that they must eat before taking on that particular adventure.

As it was getting close to lunchtime, Maebh was hungry herself. She gave in and huffed off down the street in search of a good pub.

After they ate, the Leps wanted to sit quietly in the park for a while, where Maebh did some tatting and Feargal waited for the train to pass by on the nearby tracks. 

When it roared through, he was overjoyed, racing to wave at the conductor.

Feargal was enamoured with the griffin-like plasterwork  in the lobby of the apartment where they are staying.  He wants to go to Paris sometime  to see some really big ones.

He told Maebh, "I love the scary nostrils they all have."


  1. Wow!
    That was one awesome Toronto tour you all went to.
    I can see how much fun the Leps and YOU had.
    And I had fun reading the post.

  2. well well, what a sassy littl lep you have! she will keep you on your toes I'm sure!

  3. What a marvelous post! It held me spellbound and I was sad when I reached the end. Maebh and Fearghal are having a grand adventure together and I wouldn't be surprised if he pines for her when he's gone.

  4. Looks like those two have you run off your feet. But it sounds like they have been having fun!!

  5. Not sure if you should let them loose in Toronto- they could cause an international incident!

  6. What a great day they had it seems that they are really enjoying tyhemselves.

  7. Well, now I know from who commented on this post who out there in Tat-land has a well-developed sense of whimsy! Thanks for the response!
    Fox the Fey : )

  8. Casa Loma is beautiful (I visited it a few times) but my advise is to take Maebh and Feargal to Pioneer Village too (such an amazing place).

    The accessories you made for them are truly beautiful.