Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Thank You, Elizabita!

 I went back to work and was presented with an envelope that had been brought in during my absence. Thank you Elizabita! It was so sweet of you to take time to send me your lovely thoughts.  I really appreciate it.


 I have been looking at all my pictures on this blog and with horror realize that there is a grand dusting of tiny, pale hairs absolutely everywhere.

Maebh says that THE CAT should be taken to a radish patch somewhere in the country, tied to a bush for three nights with a Barbie shoe tied tightly with a chartreuse ribbon around his tail . This measure, she assures me will fix the problem.  Excuse me for my skepticism; but I just don't buy it.

I am not sure what to do about the hair.  I vacuum every other day and mop in-between.  Anything more reeks of fanaticism, to me!  Anyone else battle the hirsute assault of the furred ones?

 #9 Motif Challenge

Fooling around with  Tatskool's Daffodill Dill, which looks lovely against the daisies! Motif is from "Motifs for Marie" by Kaye Judt.



  1. Hey Fox! Very pretty motif! The colors are striking!

    Maebh makes me laugh! Do you leave her ALONE with The Cat during the day? Perhaps you should set up a nanny cam... I don't have any furry critters here (unless you count the kids who people often comment have more hair than their allotment), just dust bunnies who I have been horrified to see winking at me in a couple of my favorite pics... (sigh)

    :) Ann

  2. My apartment is largely decorated to match the cat hairs. I do get annoyed when they get caught in the tatting, though.

  3. I just don't believe that you have taken to doubting Maebh ALREADY...hasn't she proved herself!! What have you got to lose!

    The motifs do look pretty with the flowers.

  4. I have 2 long haired cats who have never been a problem because they like to perch in one spot for weeks on end so I only had that furspot and the occasional tuft here and there on the carpet. Then my son came to live with his 2 short haired cats and their fur is short and fine and I don't even see it until I wipe something cleaning off my white stove....where do all these hairs come from? They are so light they apparently float and land everywhere. My kitties go out when it warms up but his don't. I think this has something to do with my constant sinus congestion this winter.

  5. Love the motifs lovley colours. I have a cat with longish hair and it is everywhere I just clean it up. Also brushing the cat helps as well.

  6. Sounds like my granddaughter's 'battle with the cat hair' Hers is some what alleviated ~ she clipped the cats hair short ~ course Cossette will let her do ANYTHING grooming wise. Cut nails, clean ears, clean nose (she got Cossette at such a young age that "C" doesn't know how to groom her face!) Anything. NOW their dog has very short coat and shed's brown/red hair all over. Bekah bought a little thing that picks up hair (non electric) with a pad and keeps it in a plastic shell thing ~ when it's all filled up she tosses it! She does this daily (well, every evening).
    Talking of tatting with hair….the other day I found I'd tatted a long strand of my silver hair (yes, I have random long silver hairs) into the Sheep doily. I'm leaving it to see if Kris notices. LOL I can say I put my ALL in my tatting. But this is the first time I've found any hair. The cat doesn't like me… (she only likes Bekah and DH) and the dog's not allowed on my bed.
    If I hear of a solution, I'll let you know.

  7. Thanks for the generous input, animal lovers!

    If I sound like a novice pat owner, I am not! I have been continually owned by cats since 1968!

    I have had only 4 in all that time, and the first one I had only a few years, for I had to find him a new home when my daughter started to crawl after him. He very nearly injured her cornea...

    I have had long-haired and short. My Burmilla is short-haired - very fine, velvety champagne-coloured hairs. Shed in great quantities. Great for breathing, sleeping, food preparation and, of course, tatting! LOL!

    So, I sweep, vacuum, pick up, tape, as well as brush him, actually comb him - he prefers the comb. every day to no avail!

    I wish I could invent a hair magnet. I'd be rich from tatters alone!

    Fox of the Furry Floors : )

  8. I, too, have a battle with pet hair, only mine is my Jack Russell's tiny white hairs. Everywhere it seems but, thankfully, not in the food. When I do swaps, I include a disclaimer, "may include, yarn, thread, beads, and dog hair"!.

  9. battatter, Love the idea of the disclaimer! Clever.
    Fox : )