Friday, April 23, 2010

A Double Stitch In an East Village Window!

Tatting is truly everywhere!  Look at this! What a find in a dingy, old building in the Village, high up and recessed, but unmistakeably a ring hitch knot!

Back to the beginning;  we started the trek to NYC at the Toronto Island Airport.

In the lounge, Maebh spotted a woman with yarn and knitting needles and insisted on meeting her.

What was I to do?

Jeannette was very friendly and showed Maebh some of her knitting, while her husband asked me if that was tatting that I held in my hand.  An educated gent, it seemed.

 While waiting for the wee one to arrive, I did have a little time to get these done with 
Yarnplayer's Garden Afternoon HDT

These patterns are:
  1) Jennifer Williams' pattern from the Ring of Tatters Magazine 
2) Jon's Enchanter

Motif Challenge #1 and #2

 The boys were well behaved around Maebh.  
Big Brother #2 is a bit confused as to who exactly she is.

Knowing this was a Broadway family,
Maebh lobbied hard for tickets to her favourite musical....

She insisted that Big Brother #1 share his Spider-man cookie with her. 

He had no choice.


  1. OMG the look on Maebh's face as she fights for that cookie, I hope she is going to learn to behave better in future....she sure looks like she would be a bad loser!

    Your tatting is lovely...Jennifer's motif will be my next project...when....

    Gorgeous photo at the airport.

  2. Maebh is sliding into the family routine as if she were born directly into it! (Better nab a cookie bite however she can, with another boss to nurture and protect, eh?)

    Love those stripey legs and adorable toes!

  3. Beautiful tatting, Fox! How sweet of Maebh to pave the way for Mini-Boss, breaking the Big Brothers in to sharing with little sister (when she is ready)! How did Maebh like Wicked? She has quite a gleam in her eye!

    :) Ann

  4. Thanks for the comments, Isdihara and Tatskool! I love your messages.

    Ann, Thank you! The Big Brothers liked Maebh and would have taken her to their room to play in "the blocks" if I hadn't kept an eye on things! She might not have fared well in their "city"!

    She did want to see Wicked (which I have seen twice in two cities - it is so good!) very much, but I distracted her with walks on the waterfront to see the Lady of the Lamp whom she adores - she now wants to move into her torch...

    It is an ongoing battle, I tell you...
    ♥ Fox : )

  5. I saw some unexpected tatting myself last week. While away we went to a toy museum which was based in the back of an old packed toy shop. One of the display cabinets had old lace with several pieces of tatting. I was excited beyond what could be considered normal.