Thursday, April 1, 2010

Happy Day to All Tatters!

 This is all I have to show, as I have had to CROCHET - yech - this little hat for The Boss! 

The motif is Bunny Trim by Erin Holloway and was to be on socks for Mini Boss, but it was way to big for the tiny things, so I thought I would put it on a hat for The Boss -  which I did not have.

So, knowing she loves pink and yellow - which I do NOT - I made this for her late last night.

These will be for Mini Boss!  See the bunny in the fabric...?

 Have a GREAT day, Tatters, and let's let the WORLD know what we are about!


  1. Have a great day to you, too. I am almost done celebrating since we are about 12 hours ahead of you. I tatted edgings today and the design is similar to the one for mini boss. I did not eat any chocolate. Will a chocolate drink do?

  2. Happy Tatting Day to you =) I will admit to loving the pink and yellow. The socks are really cute!

  3. Jon - Good for you! Sure, it counts. I didn't even get that far. Chocolate is not my forte!

    Paula - Thanks! Glad you like them.

    Hope you both had a great
    International Tatting Day!
    ♥ Fox : )