Tuesday, April 13, 2010

His Bag is Packed

Yes, Scarlett has arrived and plans are in motion.

After arriving in Canada, with the assistance of many friends, Scarlett was quick to hook up with Feargal and Maebe, and was seen by several observant types at 'The Hair of the Dog', a pub that Maebe has come to enjoy.

 A good meal and  great conversation put the Leps in a fine mood, which was what Scarlett had planned, as she had yet to inform Feargal and Maebh about their imminent separation.

When they returned to La Maison de Meabh, Scarlett sat them down and announced the she and Feargal were to leave very early in the morning for ..........

Feargal had to pack and Maebh sulked in a corner, ranting her displeasure at The Cat, who is still nursing a sore paw from his last encounter with one of Maebh's a fickle manouevers.

They are now fast asleep, turning in early, in preparation for the journey ahead.

Who knows what will happen next ... and where!



  1. So Feargal is off to parts unknown... to anyone but himself, that is. I guess things will seem kind of quiet for you. But that's not all bad, you and Maebh will have more time to get to know each other. One thing's for sure... I could never get all MY stuff in that little lep bag! Is Feargal going to have to pay for carrying that on?

    :) Ann

  2. Hope that the vist went well ad that they had a wonderful time, cant wait to see where they will be next!!!!!

  3. Where did Scarlett come from? Did I miss something? I thought she was in Ireland ...or...now I'm getting all confused!

  4. Oh my Feargal does have precipitous departures. I am sure that he will take it all in his stride. Scarlett will look after him. I think that is his cabin baggage! Maybe Scarlett will carry it for him!
    The only people who know where he is going are Scarlett and Maebh (and her mom!) I know that I don't and Feargal doesn't. We will just have to see where he turns up!
    He is surely going to miss Toronto, he had such a good time.

  5. Oh my goodness! What a grand time Feargal and Maebh have had in Toronto! And Scarlett is there now too (for the moment).

    Fox, once all the excitement calms down, what will you do?

    P.S. I have you listed on my Google Chat as "invited" so I think you may have to accept, or send me an email offline.


  7. I am glad Scarlett has joined them, as she was missing out on all the fun and excitement.