Saturday, April 24, 2010

Putting Suneeti's Idea to Work!

Is this not a great idea?  Thanks, Suneeti!

T-Shirt For The Boss - my tatting

 This is Suneeti's tatting. Cool, eh?

There seems to be some confusion! (In comments)  The jeans and shirt above are Suneeti's - she showed me what she does with the motifs and I was so impressed I tried it on the NY T-shirt above, for The Boss.

She gave me some #10 thread, which I do not have as I got rid of the last of it after the TAT course.  I never use that size, but realize I have been too hasty in discounting it.

Using this Lizbeth sample for kid's motifs is brilliant!  The motifs are sturdy, and being small, they do not disappear into the fabric of the clothes.

Smaller threads are a bit delicate for jeans and Ts, so I am going to enjoy tatting up springtime motifs for The Boss and Mini-Boss in the heavier thread.

I had originally put the motif on the heart on the front of the shirt, bit it distracted from the famous logo and I did not like it, so it went onto the back.  I like it, but The Boss was NOT impressed!

I should have tatted one instead for The Boss's Little Brother - he might have enjoyed a decoration or two on his 'manly' t-shirt!

I suspect that her nose is out of joint at the arrival of another baby in the family, and a girl at that! It will take more than a tatted  t-shirt to mollify her mood!


Next: Where do you put it all?

You know, the tatting you have no use for, that you cannot bear to throw away and that you have no one to give it to.... Where does it go?

I have kept the pieces I like and can't get rid of in an old cookie tin that took up precious space and was too big.  Imagine my delight ( I am so easily pleased!) when I stumbled across this little number in a dollar store.  Small and just the right size for my goodies.  And only one dollar! 


Lastly: #3 of the Motif Challenge:

I cannot decide if I like making necklaces...  It was a learning thing, but became a tad boooorrrring....I will wear it to work and see if anyone notices.

I am not a necklace wearer, but had it on yesterday and forgot all about it!  I will take this tatting out into the world and see what happens - if anything!



  1. Great idea indeed, the little motifs are so cute.

  2. I'm not quite sure what you mean by "tatting you have no use for". Since the purpose of tatting is to look pretty, I set it on a table or bookshelf or hang it in a window. for all to see. Of course, I may soon have to move to a bigger apartment to get more shelf space for my tattings, but I definitely don't put it "away" somewhere.

  3. Miranda, I do have LOTS of it out and some on The Lamp! But there is sooooo much of it and I live in very small quarters... Something had to be done! I rotate the pieces so that I can enjoy them all!
    Fox the Cluttered : )

    Thanks, Tatskool - fun isn't it!
    Fox : )

  4. The little motifs are lovely. The necklaces is beautiful !!

  5. Great idea! Both little motifs and the necklace are beautiful.

  6. You've outdone yourself yet again. Hoping that your beautiful necklace receives the accolades it deserves!

    I'm sure that the cheery tatted butterflies and hearts will be melting hearts all over town. Especially since The Boss will be wearing them!

  7. Oh I have tons of bits and bobs....motifs I've tatted to see how they tat up either with a particular thread or a specific pattern; comfort tatting just meant to pass the time and sooth me; mistakes that I keep to remind me what I've learned. Since I've been tatting for 13 years now, they are in tins and baggies and little boxes all over the place. I've taken some to my lace guild to put on giveaway cards we hand out at demonstration events. Some I think will be nice for the crazy quilt I've wanted to make since the 70's. Some end up on other things I made and need an embellishment for. Some are just to remind me how far I've come since I started - like the clunky size 5 perle cotton motifs that look horrid but make me feel like a superb tatter now in comparison. Every so often I try to get them all in one place and sort them out. In the beginning, I couldn't bear to part with anything I tatted. It just took soooooo long! How could I throw it away??? But I do throw away now.

    Complete motifs? Darn, I wish I'd done all my test tatting in ecru or white so that I could tat them all together into something meaningful now, but I didn't. I'm working up to a big cleanout in my craft room (soon to be renamed STUDIO) this summer so I will decide what to do with them then.

  8. What a sweet little heart for Mini Boss's tiny tee! I like the idea of jazzing up a simple t-shirt with a little something. Your necklace turned out pretty. I imagine making a long chain for a necklace is allot like making and edging, and yeah, that can get boring. My third grader latches on to most of my little motifs. She likes my tatting and that makes me happy.
    :) Ann