Tuesday, April 27, 2010

One For Each

for The Boss**
#8 Motif Challenge  
Taking a hard , critical look at my stitches, I am pleased to report that suddenly, and I do mean overnight,  my tatting looks as if someone more experienced than I produced it!  

In this very simple motif, one that I did to just finish up the very last of Yarnplayer's Garden Afternoon, which I am crazy- mad about, I saw marked improvement.

Perhaps it happened because I was not trying so hard; perhaps it won't ever happen again. Whatever the reason, I love my tatting in this modest offering.  I hope The Boss is as pleased as I am with it.

For Mini-Boss

#6 and #7 Motif Challenge

The onesie is perfect - soft cotton, size 3 months, for the hot weather to come and  inexpensive.  I knew I would have to do something about that insipid bear ornament, but I wanted to do an ecru edging and the colour of the fabric was what I wanted.

Again, my trusty dollar store beads came in handy and I love the deep rose colour of these.  I used a basic trefoil pattern  I found in The Big Book of Tatting and tried to sew it on more carefully than I usually do.

Sewing was far easier with the new sewing needles I purchased over the weekend, quite by chance. I bought one of those round plastic containers with a gazillion needles, as the ones I have been using are decades old, rusty and bent. It was definitely a timely purchase.  

The new ones are so SHARP!

Maybe the blunt  ends account for why I have been having "sewing issues".  Never good with a sewing needle at the best of times, lately my sewing-on capabilities have been horrific! 

The new needles made a big improvement in the finished product and in my attitude to the finishing part.  The process that was so painful before has suddenly become a non-issue.  

Ain't life grand!

P.S.  Hubris: overweening pride!  Great example in this post!

**I just noticed a HUGE BARE THREAD in the middle of this piece!
So much for the grand improvement!  Silly me.....



  1. The Boss's necklace is INDEED beautiful! Just perfect for a little girl's wardrobe. Your workmanship is flawless!

    Mini-Boss is not to be outdone in that cute onesie! The lucky little bear is very sweet and I love the edging you added!

    Yeah, it sounds like new needles were in order! I'm picky about my needles. I like Richard Hemming and Son best. They run about $1.50 a pack and just SLIP through fabric! I also do not believe all thread was created equal and prefer Gutermann. I know you didn't ask. I guess I'm just feeling chatty!

    :) Ann

  2. Your tatting is SPLENDID!
    They will love your gifts...and Meabh will be so pleased with the hint of Ireland!

  3. Thank you both!

    Ann, I appreciate the bit about the thread. Mine are all old and very, very cheap threads. I should probably replace them with a better quality thread. I will get a few Gutermann threads. Thanks for the heads up!

    Fox : )

  4. Fox, your handwork is a marvel -- perfection on a pedestal. The baby-wear is too cute for words. Too cute!

    Hmmm, maybe my finishing could benefit from a few new needles...sounds like old, bent and rusty (which describes the needles in my sewing box to a "T") are so yesterday. *grins*

    Another riveting post! Keep 'em coming!

  5. Love the tatted edging on the baby clothing and the motif.

  6. Unbelievable work you doing lately! All your bosses are so lucky to have you with all these skills. And let me just say that you are absolutely too critical about yourself, I did not see any mistakes or threads hanging anywhere whatsoever, Every stitch you make is worked to perfection. No wonder your work was chosen to be published in magazine, remember? Keep it up and keep them coming :))

  7. Your Mini Boss will be even more adorable in her cute little onesie!! Nice display of tatting on the onsie. Such a cute edging and clover with the bear!!

    I love the color you used in your motif!! I just tatted this same motif last week as a pendant too! I used Lizbeth Spring Garden and was pleased how it looked.

    Happy Tatting!

  8. I think your tatting looks great! I didn't notice the bare thread until you mentioned it and then I had to go see what I missed ;-) Still looks good! I kinda wish I had little granddaughters to make things for. The boys are a little harder to think of things for.

  9. tattridy, Yes, boys are difficult! The Three Lads do not get much in the way of tatting! Shrek and Darth Vader do not look their best in tatted lace...
    Fox : )