Thursday, April 8, 2010

Thank You, Krystle!

 Krystle's Bookmark

Isn't this fabulous!

This is a Lenore English pattern and it is tatted in #30,  Zwicky silk - no longer available. Krystle thinks it is from Switzerland.   As you can see from the other picture, she has also sent me a whole roll of it!  Yahoo!  Lucky me! 

Thank you, so much Krystle; I am going to enjoy using that silk.  It is really beautiful when tatted up - the pic does not do it justice.  The texture is marvellous, and I love this pattern, as it is demonstrates the power of the understated. 

Dr .Von Threadmore's contribution to my first tatting exchange:

Yup.  This was the first exchange for me.  I was hesitant at first, but it was with Krystle and I was sort of comfortable sending her my tatting, as I feel as if I have gotten to know her over the past year. I'm pretty shy at first, believe it or not!

Not only silk in the package, but HDT - Krystle must have managed to pilfer some from the good Doctor's basement laboratory; look at that rich "Earthy Rainbow"!  One skein of it is already loaded onto my shuttles and I am contemplating the perfect pattern.



  1. That's a BEAUTIFUL bookmark! Krystal sent you some nice things. Was the Zwicky silk originally intended for sewing? I've seen some other folks tatting with sewing thread but since it's like using size 80, I've not tried it.

    So are you tatting or reading tonight?
    :) Ann

  2. What a beautiful bookmark and thread exchange. I will have to look at the needlework shop and see if they have any silk like this. I think "A Ver A Soi" makes a perle silk that looks something like this. I've seen more and more quilting, sewing and needlework threads being picked up for tatting with lately.