Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Small Stuff

This book is great for small motifs and taking a break.

The new Ben Fikkert is coming along beautifully; I am really enjoying it. The hankie edge not so much, as it is pretty time intensive.

Needing a break from both, though not at all stressed out, I looked into the book and came up with this motif, which is full of mindless mistakes and loose ends, but great fun...

Breaking from tradition, I actually used my own tatting and sewed this motif on a tiny pocket of a white shirt. Not sure if it will stay there, as it is not my style at all, but it just seemed to be a good thing to do at the time.


  1. Lovely little motif, I like it on your pocket and you are showing the world tatting can be used in so many way.
    I have just brought this book on kindle, unfortunately although I love the things I have seen which prompted me to buy it, kindle have ruined the book for me, and I now find I don't have the whole book, I do like to print a pattern rather than keep opening the book and then if I want to make notes I don't ruin a book with notes, I only print off a pattern for my own use not to be shared if you are wondering. But I can't do this on kindle and it's like having one page on two screens and the patterns are so small I can't read the,. I wish I had saved up a bit more and brought the book as a book.
    Looking forward to seeing your latest Ben designs.
    Love to Mr G

  2. I like it too. But then, I have a lot of clothes decorated with tatting!

  3. I love your fun things, and placing it on the shirt also shows you use size 80 :) that is so beautiful!

  4. I like it on the pocket. I tend to tat things for the purpose of sewing them onto my clothes, and end up giving them away before I get them sewn on.

  5. Looks great on the pocket - I love that book too :)